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Post by Roulette on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:26 pm

Name: Roulette
Species: Changeling
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Occupation: None
Vice: Bravado
Special Talent: Gambling
Minor Talents: Bluffing and cheating
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4'1''
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Bright red
Eye color: Neon orange
Cutie/Glyph Mark: None/Whoever she changes into


Quite snarky and sarcastic, Roulette usually likes to take a jab at anyone when given the right opportunity to do so; especially if those she is with are friends. She has a tendency to brush aside just about any stranger who approaches her, but is truly very protective of those who manage to get to know her before she can simply let them pass by without much thought. If you get onto her bad side, however, your chances of getting into even a neutral light again is almost utterly hopeless.

Having grown up used to relying on luck, she has turned it into more or less the central point of her life. She is almost completely unhesitating when it comes to taking a risk, even if that risk could mean losing her life. Out of habit from making a living for herself mostly by gambling, she has formed a habit of placing many references to games of luck within her speech patterns and hardly notices she is doing it. If it's a moment of pressing your luck, and there's a chance she can come out better from it, no matter how small, she will more often than not roll the dice.

Born into the hive like any other nymph, Roulette wasn't ever really known as anything special. She was just simply another child destined to grow up into another of the many workers. However, once the war began and the hive was weakened, she was separated from the rest of her family and was forced to fend on her own. While on her own, she simply tried to hunt for love to keep herself alive.

Not too soon after, she soon discovered a defect in her ability to transform. She was still able to match those she turned into perfectly, but she had no choice over just who she transformed into. Like rolling a pair of dice, her transformations were decided just by luck. If she had the ability to change into someone, be it through memory or line of sight, they were just as possible of an outcome as the one she was trying to turn into in the first place.

This caused the lone changeling to live a life solely around gambling and luck, as that is what her most central ability revolved around. It has only gotten her into more trouble than she would like to have, but she simply continues to play with fate.

One fateful day, Roulette stumbled upon a small griffon camp. With a grin upon her muzzle, she disguised herself with the one pony she managed to remember well enough to use the form of and decided to press her luck once more. The 'pegasus' swiftly and silently made her way towards the camp. Once arriving, she was met with a scene that sent nothing but hatred through her system: a small group of griffons, surrounded by what used to be ponies with one left alive to what she could only assume watch what had happened there.

Once again rolling the dice on her life, she grabbed the nearest item that could be used as a weapon and charged in for a surprise attack. With luck on her side, she managed to kill two guards and chase off the rest after getting her hooves on one of the real weapons that had been left unattended. Using a stolen key to free the trapped mare, she quickly left the camp with her before any reinforcements could arrive.

The two have remained together since.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Her transformation ability is defective. While she can transform just fine, who she transforms into is completely up to luck with a pool of those she remembers well enough or are in her line of sight to draw from.

Personal Timeline
November 29, Afternoon-New Members
December 1, Morning: Finding Her Queen

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Re: Roulette[changeling]

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