Amren [Griffon] [WIP]

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Amren [Griffon] [WIP]

Post by Amren on Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:31 pm

=Information= WIP
Name: Amren
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Occupation: Ex-military traitor/outcast
Special Talent: scouting
Minor Talents: hunting and Long range weapons and swords   
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 5,6"
Coat Color: Whight/black
Mane/Tail Color: Whight/blue(stripes)
Eye color: Red
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Not listed


Personality: Amren is a very inteligent type of griffon.Unlike many griffon in the order he has comonsence
the ability to know if what he's doing is right or wrong.He is very talktive about different things that are about the griffon tactics,weapons,ect.Frendly to all pony races and probably that only griffon to show it which makes misunderstood by most griffons.Amren maybe an outcast in the in the griffon occupation but he's still ex-millitary which mean he can fight to wound or kill enemys.Amren is a griffon that still believes in the old ways ..where Equestria and the kingdom were allied ..where instead of destruction,fear and chaos
Ponies and Griffon would live in peace,friendship and harmony ..he also believe that this could happen again

Amren was born in the Northr tribes the griffon house in the north.He lived there as the only griffon chick in his family with his father who was a religious leader and his mother who worked as a care giver at home(stay at home mom).Amren's childhood at a young age was filled with peace and happiness during time of harmony ..before the war.

Although Amren had a fun and safe life during his parents did not.His father who helped griffons find peace though religion protested against the the fact of worshipping The Tsar as if he was a god or savior to the kingdom.When the Tsar heard this he was fearious with Amren's father and his family and automatically took the protest as a crime against his rule and against the whole kingdom ..a punishment was decided. Later in day a warning was nailed on there house's door as warning telling them to leave the kingdom or be killed Amren's parents were terrified at this note well at least his mother was his father stuck with his belief's torwards his religion and took maters in his own hands..for once in his life Amren's  father decide to follow the commands of The Tsar and lead his family to a better life to leave the kingdom behind ..a plan was made to leave for the neighboring country of Equestria.That night Amren's family packed for the journey an hour later they set out for a new life but intercepted by griffons set by the Tsar to eliminate parental threats to the kingdom and Amren's family was on their list of targets Amren's defend his family by motioning his wife to run Amren's mother followed what her husband said and ran ...what happen next was that Amren's father was the first to fall all that could be heard was a bloody scream in the wind and the voices of griffon closing in on them Amren's mother ran flew alway from the griffon but they did not lose her trail.Knowing that she wouldn't get away alive she landed in the cold snow and told little Amren to ran as fast as he can and don't look back Amren hesitated but did what he was told and ran fast as he could..he didn't back ..even when another death scream could be heard through the wind.
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