Stormcloud [Pegasus][Asphyxiation]

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Stormcloud [Pegasus][Asphyxiation]

Post by Stormcloud on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:29 am

Name: Stormcloud
Species: Pegasus Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Occupation: Vagabond
Virtue/Vice: Stubbornness
Special Talent: Multiple Discipline Armed Combat (Implement: Sword, Spear)
Minor Talents: Aerial Combat, Flight
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4’ 6”
Coat Color: Gray
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Teal
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A cloud in which three thunderbolts emanate from. The outer two form a ninety-degree angle, and the inner one bisects them. The entire form is attached to the bottom of the cloud.


Personality: Stormcloud is an incredibly stubborn pony. When she wants something done, it gets done, one way or another, tedious or fast. This stubbornness has led her to excel in combat, where she can easily persevere due to the fact that she has an objective to accomplish. To her, negative stimuli are merely distractions, to be ignored. That is not to say that Storm has a threshold, however; one exists, but it is extreme.

Storm’s positive exhibition of emotions are often boasting, or pleasure from completing a task. Generally, her exhibition of negative emotions come from failure of a task, or otherwise. She possesses a strong inferiority complex, thus making most of her ‘must complete’ tasks based on beating others at something she considers herself good at.

Storm also tends to mix well with orders and being a lone wolf. That is to say, she is creative with her attacks, strikes carefully placed in the heat of combat. She possesses a strong conviction toward any foe, and may brutalize them before completing an objective.

History: Storm was born to a small family in the far north of Equestira, twenty years before the war. For ten years, she lived there, and from her time in the extreme cold, became somewhat desensitized to it, gaining the mindset that she still holds to this day. When she was eleven, she and her family moved to Manehatten, where Storm achieved her cutie mark when she was twelve. She attended school like most ponies, and had a relatively normal life, dropping out of school to train for the royal guard, something she aspired to do. However, everything changed when the griffons attacked.

Immediately, she was enlisted in the military due to outstanding circumstances (being she had 4 years training) and was placed in a minor officer position. She participated in almost all of the fighting that took place, effectively leading a single squad into battle against the griffons. That’s not to say that many of her men died; they indeed did. Storm herself was never captured, and her years in combat detached herself even further from negative physical stimuli, and further increased her skill in her two favored weapons: the sword and the spear.

Today, she goes to Manehatten, with a clear focus: expel the griffons and kill their Commander.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Detachment: Storm has fought long and hard, and, due to her mindset, will not let pain get in her way of accomplishing a task, thus allowing her a higher pain threshold than most ponies.

Personal Timeline:
'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night... Nov. 17, Year 4
Demotion Nov. 18, Year 4

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Re: Stormcloud [Pegasus][Asphyxiation]

Post by Steel Strike on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:36 am

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