Moonlight Shadow[Earthpony]

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Moonlight Shadow[Earthpony]

Post by Moonlight Shadow on Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:23 am

Name: Moonlight Shadow
Species: Pony (Earthpony)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: Engineer
Special Talent: Engineering/Construction
Minor Talents: Music
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'3''
Coat Color: Purple
Mane/Tail Color: Red
Eye color: Teal
Cutie Mark:

Picture: (pictures are not required, but are highly recommended)

Personality: Moonlight grew up not really having a real family. Her parents were wealthy Manehattan socialites who would buy her anything to keep her out of their way. They would always refer to her as 'the kid' and never gave her any love and affection. The only reason she didnt turn out screwed up is because their housekeeper, Ms. Jade, raised her as her own. She would always be there for Moonlight.
As the war started, her parents became more involved in politics and would almost never be home. Jade would soon act like the mother she never had. As the Griffons invaded, her parents dissapeared and Jade was arrested. Moonlight now had to fend for herself and this made her personality hardened. But when she found the Rebels, her nice kind side came out again.

History: Moonlight was born into a Manehattan socialite world. Her parents would buy her anthing to keep her out of the way. Her only caretaker was the maid, Ms. Jade. Moonlight became so attatched to Jade that she would call her mom. She is the reason Moonlight didnt become snooty like all the other upper class Manehattan children. As she grew up she was the quiet kid at school. No pony would talk to her much because when she did, she would stick out like a sore thumb. There was one pony who did talk to her though, a colt named Crisp. Crisp was just like Moonlight in every way. He was also raised by his families maid not to be a stickler. They were the outcasts of their snooty peers and their similarities caused them to fall in love.
By 9 years old the war started and her parents became more involved in politics and were never home. Now Jade and her had a home to themselves, where they didnt have to worry about her parents rules and guidelines. They were free to act like a regular family together. Those few years before the invasion were the best years of her life. At age 13 the griffons invaded. Her parents dissapeared and Jade was arrested. Now it was only her and Crisp in this dark world they lived in. Both of them rarely went outside their aapartment building and it stayed like that through her teenage years. At 16 her and Crisp became closer and more intimate. All they cared about was eachother. But at 18 they had to leave the building in search for food and water. All it took was one wrong word and Crisp was shot and killed. Moonlight would have been killed to but a mysterious stallion abushed and saved her. Now she lives, scared by the death of her one true love...

Special Skills/Abilities: Music/ engineering/ construction

Personal Timeline: (Once the character begins posting, keep track of the posts here.
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Re: Moonlight Shadow[Earthpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:54 pm

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