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Post by Starlight Charmer on Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:02 pm

Name: Starlight Charmer
Species: Changeling/Equine hybrid.
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: Whatever she can find to make a living.
Virtue: Kindness
Vice: Lust
Special Talents: Transformation (The illusion type), Flying, Night Vision. [Tradeoff for Carapace, Strength, Natural Resin, Energy Bolt and Crash Shield]
Minor Talents: Singing
Alignment: Undecided
Height: 3', 7"
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Green
Eye color: Red, and one Yellow (Heterochromium Iridum)

Picture: Starlight Charmer [Changeling] CNCzq

Personality: As a very flamboyant and bubbly Nymph, it was a wonder why she had few friends inside the hive. However, she made her best attempts at making friends and being an overall cheery filly. 

However, after the misfortunes that had fallen over her, such as having to be forced to witness her mother and sister beaten and burned to death, and the disappearance of her closest friend, she became quieter and lonelier over the years.  After escaping The Hive, she had to learn how to blend in with her transformation skill. Now she's been known to be generous to the poor by giving food, but always being cheery to try and forget what had happened to her back at home. She's also extremely flirty, as a result from this, too. With this Hybridness, came a love for meat, and she particularly likes fowl meat.

History:  Born eight years before the invasion of Canterlot, Starlight was born from a Unicorn father and a Changeling mother, making her a hybrid and changing her needs from other nymphs. She started her life off interested in the art of Illusion, dealing with altering what the eyes and mind think or see.  After eight long years of training, she became accustomed to the taxing strength, and formed her mind towards it. Now her transformation only requires concentration rather than energy. She finally finished her training of it at the age of sixteen,being adequate in some areas and great in others. Because of her hybridization, she is able to live without love, albeit she becomes weaker. She requires food and love to stay in top condition. Food she requires to live, but love strengthens her.

Her mother, Nerubia Filwatch, was a Globetrotter and hippie, who had traveled across much of the world, gathering songs from the different folk she had met on the way. Eventually, she taught young Starlight a multitude of songs, ranging from Neighpon to Ponadil, and how to live free-spiritedly. They had a strong connection, which was promptly shattered and stamped upon by The Griffons. Star seeks to be a singer, inspired by the multitude of songs she knows.

A year later, however, The Grand Hive was sacked by the griffons, forcing Starlight to flee the place she called home. Three years after the Sacking of the Hives, where her mother died, she arrived Manehattan. She spent a year of this excursion searching for traces of her father, but finding none, so she assumed he died and she was left as the only one of her family. she had blended in well with others, always behind a mask of another pony, or even one she came up with from various equines. After a few months of residency, she decided to leave for a couple months to go explore the outside world beyond Manehattan. After returning to the city, she saw the rebellion and what it caused. 
Special Talents: Bite my shiny metal ass.



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All accepted just need to update your timeline to the new one   Starlight Charmer [Changeling] 1226285628 
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