Pike Vanguard [EarthPony]

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Pike Vanguard [EarthPony]

Post by Pike Vanguard on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:47 pm

Name: Pike Vanguard
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Occupation: Family Accountant/Information Seller
Virtue/Vice: Cowardly/Clumsy
Special Talent: Charismatic/Smooth Talker
Minor Talents: Originally good with a spear, however is out of shape and lost some talent
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4'5"
Coat Color: Tan
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Gray
Eye color: Sky Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Spear with pennant


Personality: Pike will always run from conflict unless he has a handle on the situation with words and deals. This makes it a bit hard for him to gain the trust of other ponies, griffons, etc. But he has since gotten used to it and prefers dignified solitude hopefully earning what he can through both legitimate and illegal means. With that said, he has a tendency to make a lot of acquaintances through business relations ever since relocating to Manehattan.

His current day job keeps him afloat though he lives in the East District trying to maintain a discreet lifestyle. Good with keeping up on economic trends he manages a few families' books in the western district and is looking to gain ties with more politically minded Griffons. He has always been clumsy and has been a POW during the war directly because of it (he believes that his failure to fight has saved his life on more than one occasion).

Pike does not care about who is in charge just as long as there is profit in it. Although he sees the brutal tactics of Feliks and the occupying force as bad for business, he feels that siding with the rebels would be too much of a gamble and bad for his personal health. He plans to keep a log of important occupation/rebellion info in order to sell and propel him further into wealth.

History: Pike Vanguard grew up in Fillydelphia wanting to be a royal guard much like his Pegasus father and trained with a spear throughout his young colthood. He was not very confident in spear-play as much as he was good at getting information from focused questions and leveraged that ability to become a low-ranking guard in Canterlot. Due to the lack of Earthpony guards he never felt quite at home and had difficulty making friends.

Corporal Vanguard tried his best to stay away from the front lines during the war and did not see action until the second attack on Stalliongrad in which he became a deserter once he spotted the first Griffon breaking through the walls. He kept his spear through the rest of the war and got picked up twice by patrols and sent to work camps as a POW in which he became an unofficial quartermaster for other ponies in the camps. After serving his time and at the end of the war he took whatever bits he had made (and hid) and went straight to Manehattan setting up shop. He has always wondered if his father, Lance Charger had survived the war but has always been too ashamed of his desertion to visit his old life.

Special Skills/Abilities/Spells Descriptions: Smooth talkin'! Keeping discrete logbooks on information and getting along with ponies and griffons alike on an acquaintance level.

Personal Timeline:

17th of November, Early Afternoon
The Clear Business Proposal

17th of November, Evening
A Hunt for New Business

18th of November, Early Evening
Let's Corroborate a Deal

18th of November, Later Evening
Meeting of Importance

20th of November, Night
Open Door Policy

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Pike Vanguard
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Re: Pike Vanguard [EarthPony]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:06 pm

Dude...awesome. I got a Red Dead Redemption vibe coming off of this character. I can definitely say approved.
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