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Double Edge [Unicorn]

Post by Double Edge on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:25 pm

Name: Double Edge
Species: Unicorn
Gender: male
Age: (27)
Occupation: Wanderer
Virtue: ( Diligence )
Special Talent: Swordsponyship
Minor Talents: magic

Height: 4’ 11’’
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Purple with a single black stripe that goes through his mane and tail
Eye color: Emerald Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Three blades crossed in the middle


Personality: Double Edge is incredibly rash, constantly trying to act before actually thinking his actions through. This aspect has gotten Double and his twin sister Static into many unneeded fights, both against one another, and with random ponies. Despite this, he does care for those in need and will try and help the remaining Equestrian citizens. The unicorn will almost always go to the aid of those he sees in trouble, once again never thinking how it will turn out if he does intervene.

Since the war ended, Double has become rather hesitate around ponies he just met. This does not mean he won’t help these new ponies, it mainly will mean that he will keep a constant eye on them, making sure he is ready for an attempted back stab. The only pony he truly trusts is Static. To those that he calls friends or family, Double will come to their side, without any explanation.

As a unicorn, Double Edge is not proficient with it at all in the ways of magic. At the most all he could ever possibly do was simple levitation magic. While his sister was incredibly skilled in the magical arts. While at first this led to jealousy growing in the stallion he eventually got over it as he instead focused on swordplay. In the end, Double decided to forgo learning magic and instead took up the blade, finding it much more satisfying to solve his problems physically than through magical or diplomatic means.

History: Double Edge and his sister Static Shock are son and daughter of the zebra Twenty Sided, and the unicorn Iron Mare. Their parents having journeyed across Equestria settled down in the town of Manehatten when the twins were born. From an early age, Double found it much more difficult to use the magical arts than that of his sister, who seemed to have it come naturally. While this did develop a bit of resentment in the unicorn, Double soon found his calling, in physical fighting, namely, swordsponyship. With the help of his father, Double learned the art of the blade. Eventually combining it with what magic he could muster primarily creating mirror images of himself and levitation.

While growing up, Double and his sister were inseparable, as they would wander the streets of Manehatten finding their own adventures and further improving their talents. At the age of 15, Double tried to join the Equestrian military like his father. Unfortunately he was turned away. Undeterred, when the gryphons attacked, Double slipped into the ranks, as he made sure that he was by his mother and fathers side as they provided the defense. During the battle, Doubled Edge witnessed the death of both his parents, shattering his perception on the world. Broken, Double Edge ran, leaving the battle to its horrid conclusion. Finding his sister, he relayed the news, and with her help the two joined the fray once again, trying to defend their nation at least for their parent’s sake.

When Equestria finally fell to the gryphons, Double acted quickly taking his sister and himself into hiding in Manehatten’s underbelly. From there they stayed, helping those in greater need than themselves. Soon word of a rebellion came to their ears. Once again Double Edge stepped forward to try and help his fallen nation. With a renewed vigor, and duel swords in his magical grip, Double Edge joined the rebellion with his sister by his side.


October 8th Evening
New Beginnings

November 3rd
Boxing like Clockwork

November 4th-5th
Beginnings Endings and the Thread that won't die

November 5th Evening
Striking While the Iron is Hot

November 6th Evening
Give Unto Ceasar

November 12th Evening
Rebellion is Brewing

November 12th Evening 7:30 pm
Walking with the Enemy
Double Edge
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