Rebellion: Essential Lore

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Rebellion: Essential Lore

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:33 pm

Authors: Steel Strike, Double Edge

The plan was set. After the battle the Mane 6 and the Princesses fled Equestria, hoping to gain support from the outlying nations. As per the plan, they never heard from them since. Of course this could means that they could have died in their journeys, so this part of the plan was rather risky. The generals set out to each main city, hoping to setup the rebellions, before the griffons broke Equestrian Morale too bad. A few cities already had the population demoralized, or willing to comply with the griffons. Among these, Las Pegasus and Trottingham. However, someplaces we’re a hotbed for rebellion, among these, Canterlot, Stalliongrad, and Cloudsdale.When the officers heading to the Manehattan division were captured, no one suspected a thing. They have been held in a work camp outside Manehattan for the past 4 years. The generals never gathered often, nor did they communicate much. While this strategic communication, both effective in keeping them secret, also kept them hidden. Thus, none of them could tell the other how 4 years of occupation had taken its toll on the rebellion, nor could they know that some of the rebellions were wiped out. The conditions for the populace were either getting better or worse, usually for the worse.

However, the worse conditions placed onto a populace was most certainly Manehattan. Commander Feliks, 2nd to the Tsar himself controlled this city. He used “Guerrillas” or untrained, rowdy soldiers who’d seen little to no front line action. He used them mostly because they did what they were told, and no moral qualms with some of his shadier requests. And also because they made the ponies as miserable as possible, with some griffons taking ponies off the street for a quick snack, making it a danger to be out and about. However, as of late, there have been more laws in place to prevent such happenings. The entire city was turning against Feliks, and the way he handled the situation. To ensure he kept control, he placed in laws to undermine any rebellion activity, including harsher shop requirements, and more restrictions on the Guerillas. The Guerillas have taken to not following most of the directives ordered, such as not eating ponies, but it does occur less often now. His handling of the situation leaves much to be desired, from ponies and griffons alike. Even the perate.Tsar is starting to question his ability to control the city, as the reports for more Guerillas, and the conditions become more desperate.

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