Important People and Groups: Essential Lore

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Important People and Groups: Essential Lore

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:20 pm

Authors: Freyia

Tsar: Ivan the Conqueror
The current Tsar has a dual personality, one to appease the public, and one to force his will onto any and all. He seems to care deeply about what others think of him, and is willing to say anything to get them on his side. However, he is not above “removing” certain thorns in his side. Ivan rose to power in arguable one of the worst times in griffon history; griffons dying of starvation, exposure, and crime in the millions. It seemed their land had finally run out of the resources they had been taking advantage of for thousands of years. He formed a plan and “convinced” the other nobles to go along with it; he declared war on Equastria. He promised the common griffon a chance to better themselves in the beautiful land that was the south, while promising the nobles vast sums of money, resources and land. During the war, he conscripted millions of griffons, most eager to fight. He commissioned great machines of war to be made with what resources they could muster. The public, and most of the nobility, loved him during this. It wasn’t until the occupation, that his true motives came into light. The nobles were given much less than promised, and the common griffon had to go through miles of red tap to be able to relocate to the south. All resources went into his secret projects. Not many know about his true motives, and those who do are too scared to betray him. All that is known is that he will do anything to achieve his goals, whatever they may be.

Feliks: 2nd in Command of Manehatten and its outlying areas
Feliks was born of a noble Mire Griffon family. He excelled in his studies as a child and was accepted into the Tsars royal court at a fairly young age. He is a brown beaker, saying or doing anything that will move him up the chain of command. This has earned him the spot as commander of Manehatten and its outlying areas, second to the Tsar himself. Feliks only cares about moving up the ladder, and does not care who he steps on in the process. He has no respect for those under him and continuously belittles, berades, or even abuses those in his command. Most are too scared to complain or report, so they just stay out of his way. Feliks cares even less for ponies, feeling they aren’t even worth his time to make miserable, he would rather them dead. Sadly for him, the Tsars orders are for the ponies to not be mistreated unless warranted. This Feliks struggles with, as he can’t bring himself to actually do something good for them. So Manehatten has been breeding unrest, and Feliks needs to think of something, before the Tsar decides that maybe another griffon would be better suited.

Guerillas: Untrained mercenaries and soldiers wandering around Manehatten
The Guerillas are a band of untrained and undisciplined brutes who patrol around the city of Manehatten, under the direct command of Feliks. They consist primarily of Mercenaries, discharged soldiers, and even a few criminals. Feliks hired them to wander and keep the ponies in check; he did this because he did not want the Tsar knowing that he needed more soldiers. Sadly this attempt at secrecy failed miserably, and the Tsar knows all about it. However Ivan is waiting, watching what will happen in the city. Currently there is one Guerilla for every five ponies, and they are a nightmares for them. They raid, beat, and even murder innocent civilians. Luckily, for those trained in combat, they are relatively unskilled and easy to best in a fight. They are in constant patrol at all hours, making the streets of Manehatten a dangerous place for the unwary or unskilled pony.

Valkyrie: Elite guards of high ranking officers, officials, and the Tsar himself
The elite soldiers known as the Valkyrie are gryphons that have proven themselves time and time again in battle, as both great leaders as well as exceptional soldiers. These gryphons have been invited into a group dedicated to the safety of high ranking officials in the Gryphon military. Donning Silver armor and wielding elegantly crafted spears. These soldiers are the elite, a mixture of deadly beauty, arguably the best and most well trained of the griffon military. Currently there are four of these in Manehatten, acting as the guards of Commander Feliks. With the increasing unrest in Manehatten, these Valkyrie are always nearby him, ready to defend him from any threat.

Guards: The actual soldiers of the griffon military
The guards are active duty soldiers stationed at various outposts, supply warehouses, buildings, and patrol the area. There aren’t too many in Manehatten, about one guard per ten ponies. These soldiers take their orders following the chain of command, ending at Feliks. Most fought in the War and are trained and capable soldiers, definitely more so than the Guerillas.

Manehattenites: The ponies living in the city
There are about 500,000 ponies currently living in and around Manehatten. Some are shop owners, some work in the camps, some are beggars or looters, some are criminals, and some are rebels. One would not know that so many ponies live in the area. Mostly the remain hidden as much as possible. Currently public opinion is split between wanting to submit, and wanting to rebel. With the current actions Feliks has taken, it has swayed slightly in favor of the rebels.

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