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The Chat Room

Post by Sassaflash on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:34 pm

This site has a chat room for its members to gather and discuss anything with other members. A link to the Chat Room can be found here. We ask that these rules be followed when in Chat, any violations will be dealt with as detailed bellow. Consistant or repeat offenses will result in temporary or permanent bans. Please respect these rules and all members when in the room.


Images and .gifs are allowed in chat within reason. If the image or .gif is to exceed 350x350 pixels, please put it in a spoiler (to do that place the whole thing in [spoiler][/spoiler ]). This way Chat will not be filled with clutter. If there are too many images or .gifs, chat will be cleared of all messages. If spamming with images and .gifs occurs, see Spamming.


Even though this site is a role playing forum set in the My Little Pony world, Chat is free for topics and discussions of any topics, from games, to movies, books, school, science, randomness, etc. Topics that tend to be controversial can be discussed only if it can remain civil, such as politics, religion, social issues, etc. If any topics get out of hand or descend into arguments, insults, and the like will be stopped.


Spam in chat will not be allowed. This can be defined as "Sending the same message indiscriminately and or repetitively". This can include pictures, .gifs, messages, or parts or symbols of messages. A warning will be given to stop. If the spamming continues then harsher actions will be taken.

Abuse and obscenity

Abuse is the "Use (of something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose". Any abuse of Chat will not be tolerated and will be dealt with quickly. Obscenity is "The state or quality of being obscene; obscene behavior, language, or images: offensive". This will also not be tolerated. Those in violation of this will be dealt with quickly and severely.

Again the purpose of chat is so the community can get together and enjoy each others friendship. We ask that everyone uses common sense and respect when in chat. Thank you.

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