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Magic and Technology

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Magic Lore

What is a spell?

In all cases, a spell is defined as: “a specific channeling sequence that provides a specific outcome.” This means that, when you read a book and learn a spell, you are simply learning a sequence of channelings that produces a certain result. That is why there are books and colleges devoted to the study of magic- so there are more efficient ways to achieve magical tasks.

How do we use Arcane Energies?

Arcane Energies are “channeled” through a number of means. The only living beings that can achieve this naturally are unicorns, who will have a section devoted to them only. When arcane energies are channeled, they pass through a number of parts of the object (the channeling sequence), and then are released as an outcome based on what parts they traveled through and when. This is why, when a spell is cast, the object glows. This is the absorbing and channeling of the arcane energies. This is why enchanted objects are etched in runes- so a specific outcome occurs every time.

Spell Nimbuses, what are they?

Spell nimbuses are simply clouds of arcane energies surrounding an object. All objects have a spell nimbus and they vary in intensity. This variation in intensity is what is used to determine how “Magical” an object is.

Where does Arcane Energy Exist?

It exists around every object, and as an ambient arcane energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed. Once a spell has been cast, Arcane Energy exists in the result and some goes back into the ambient pool.

Equestrian Magic:

Equestrian magic pervades every pony in some way or another, from the cutie mark's appearance, earth ponies connection to the land, pegasus ability to manipulate clouds and the seemingly endless types of magic a unicorn can control. Everypony has some form of magic infused through themselves, even ponies species that lack horns such as pegasi and earthponies. However the magic within these species of ponies are much more passive and can easily be passed off as simply traits that these ponies have such as cloud walking for the pegasi, or the greater communion with flora and fauna that Earth ponies seem to possess.

Zebra alchemy:

Zebra alchemy is different compared to any sort of magic, it relies heavily on the brewing of specific ingredients, the potions that they brew primarily rely on increasing a user’s physical or mental properties, such as strength, speed, mental capacity, however, zebra alchemy can be used to have the opposite effect, such potions are able to decrease one’s strength, paralyze the afflicted, and cause illusions. Due to these effects, alchemy is a very difficult method of magic and as such methods are needed to make sure the brewer doesn't mess up. To do this, incantations are used to focus the mind yielding a great degree of attention to detail. Zebras studying alchemy typically learn quickly how dangerous their art can be, that a single mistake can yield disastrous or even explosive results.

Griffon Steamtech

Griffons specialize technologically in combustion of fossil fuels (coal) and steam power. They have extensive knowledge of clockwork and pneumatics, allowing their already potent industry to be expanded further. Griffons have a large amount of metalworking knowledge. The overall tech level is dependant on House. The Northr have an almost non-existent modernized tech level, the Halden expert miners and loggers, Aeryie the highest overall tech level, Palemire the most industry-based tech, and the Courts having a very low tech level, preferring to just buy from the other Houses what they need. Griffons are unable to naturally use magic of ANY type. (However, they have a limited “Cloudwalking” ability, but are unable to manipulate clouds/control the weather.)

Unlike that of the pony-kind, and fitting to that of its own society, griffon technology relies heavily on strength of its own design to make it function, and is primarily used for militaristic purposes. Due to this nature, the technologies of the griffon kingdoms surpass that of pony-kind when it comes to weapons, implementing weapons such as pneumatic crossbows and other steam tech devices.

Buffalo Communion

The power that buffalos use can not truly be defined as magic, due to its more strict usage and the prerequisites necessary for its use. It is however undeniably power that can match that of great unicorns or even the technology of the griffons when these conditions are met.

While unlike other magic users, buffalo do not use the innate energy that is held within them. Instead those able to, typically called Shamans, manipulate the energies around them, given off by the movement and actions of others. Shamans are able to focus this given off energy into their horns to cause a change in either themselves or the environment around them. While witnesses of a buffalo Shaman’s Communion are rare; The stories that have been described as to the effects it has produced range from a shaman simply causing a tree sprout growing at a much hastened rate, to that of a large stampede led by a shaman, making a flat trail for them...quite literally through the hills they passed, as if asking the hills to lay flat for them, before the earth returning to its original shape.

Changeling Hex’s

Changeling magic is a lot less of an offense form magic compared to that of other magic styles. Normally relying on their magic to cause deception and help with stealth. Like pony magic though, these creatures use the power stored within themselves, however changelings like those of Unicorns or other pony folk this magic comes back to them, however unless it returns from that of feeding off the love of others, it is at a much slower rate than that of pony-folk.

Working with Magic/Steamtech in posts:


Essentially, Magic has limitations.
1. -Magic has to be channeled. The stronger the spell, the longer it takes to channel. Skilled mages need less time to channel than newer mages. Magic that relates to a ponies cutie mark also decrease the necessary time to channel the respective spell.
2. -Whenever a spell is cast, almost all of the focus of the caster must go to casting it.
3. -Any targeted spell requires a direct line of sight to be drawn.
4. -Wearing armor does not reduce casting potential. However, it does reduce agility and thus makes the user a literal living tank. Wearing plate mail and casting a spell requires full immobility. Unicorns cannot wear helmets if they wish to cast.
5. -Magical Armor spells require an upkeep of energy in order to keep them maintained. Once cast, some energies are still sent to them. This does not require total focus, and other spells can be cast whilst keeping armor up.
6. -Bolts of magical energy dissipate after some time.
7. -Unicorns can only cast magic up to a certain point. When unicorns cast too much, they receive something known as “Magical Fatigue,” a period in which they cannot cast spells due to overuse of their horn as a channeling mechanism.
8.-One very important fact that all magic abides by is that one must SEE the object/target they wish to apply their magic on.

Tech has limitations as well:

1. -The more complex the mechanism, the longer it takes to use again. Something like a crossbow, which is cumbersome and takes a while to reload, would take a dedicated reload post.
2. Some tech may require the necessary use of more than one griffon/pony given its complexity. These require npcs (or players if you can get people to work with you on that) of some kind and would required significantly more posts between actions with the machine than that of a much more simplistic machine.

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