Static Shock [Unicorn]

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Static Shock [Unicorn]

Post by Static Shock on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:21 pm

Name: Static Shock
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Virtue: Kindness
Special Talent: Electricity. (Builds a static charge as she walks, which she can then channel into a bolt)
Minor Talents: Archery, swordplay.
Alignment: Rebels. (Unofficially so far)

Height: 3'6"
Coat Color: Deep pink
Mane/Tail Color: Jet black
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Blue lightning bolt.


Personality: Static is a very empathetic pony, she finds it very easy to connect with people on a deep level. This trait is most clearly seen in her relationship to her brother, Double Edge. The two of them are so close, she innately knows when something is wrong, and very nearly feels his pain as well.

Static also feels extremely protective of those she is close to, and she'll do anything for them. She'll even go so far as to die for her friends, though thankfully it hasn't come to that yet. She's very exuberant and outspoken, though she knows how to keep a secret, and she generally thinks before she acts, weighing the options.

History: Static Shock and Double Edge, twin unicorns were born to Twentysided, a Zebra living in Equestria, and Iron Mare, a Unicorn. The parents settled in Manehattan and started a family, namely the twins. The two foals were inseparable growing up, and did everything together. As Static grew up, she exercised her magical talents, while her brother focused more on physical ability. This brought a slight separation to the twins, but nothing too drastic. Static discovered her magical talent at an early age, and has spent much of her life learning new tricks and techniques to control it.

When she was 15, war hit. Iron Mare and Twentysided both tried to help beat back the invasion, but were tragically killed in the first push against Manehattan. This rocked Static's world greatly, and she threw herself into the war as much as she could. She proved to be a competent fighter, thanks to the skills she picked up form her brother, but that sadly wasn't enough. Equestria lost the war, and Static disappeared into the underbelly of Manehattan. She reappeared soon after the rebellion started, joining the new fight against the Griffons and giving it everything she has.
Static Shock

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