Aqua Blade [Pegasus]

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Aqua Blade [Pegasus]

Post by Aqua Blade on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:50 pm

Name: Aqua Blade
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Swordspony
Virtue: Fight until your last breath.
Special Talent: Swordplay
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'
Coat Color: Royal Blue
Mane/Tail Color: Jet Black and Teal
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Cutie Mark: Cross Swords


Personality: Aqua Blade is a harsh pony.  Due to the events he has witnessed over the course of his life, his gaze has hardened to a very cold and uncaring glare, as well as developing a short and nasty temper. He generally means well, but is quite blunt with his statements, usually coming off as condescending and jerkish. He has developed a bitter hatred of the Griffon race; he will mercilessly cut one down that opposes him, as well as anyone who sides with them, although he is a bit more hesitant towards ponies.  His most sacred treasure is his katana, Akuaburēdo.

Aqua speaks with an air of venom.  He will follow orders he receives usually without question, but will speak up when he sees a severe problem with it; this usually consists of him not getting any action. He despises cowardice and will see a fight he is currently engaged in through to the end, even at the cost of his life.  He is foolhardy at times and will charge into the thick of battle even when the odds are against it, but he isn’t stupid enough to try a suicide attempt; if there is no guarantee that he could win, he’ll retreat.  He is not afraid to speak his mind and will harshly criticize others for mistakes.

History: Aqua Blade was born and raised in Trottingham; he had two caring and loving parents as well as a younger brother whom he cared deeply for.  Aqua comes from a family of skilled swordsponies who taught their eldest son the way of the blade.  When he was the tender age of five, Aqua started learning swordplay.  He earned his cutie mark at the age of ten when he fended off a Manticore single-handedly.  By the time he was 12, he had learned most of his father’s techniques; at this point, his father decided he was ready to acquire his own blade. They went to Aqua’s grandfather, a skilled unicorn steel smith, in Las Pegasus to forge a sword that would suit Aqua well.  What came to be was Akuaburēdo, a black bladed katana with a teal wave pattern in the blade, sheathed in an emerald green hilt.  It has special properties that enable it to move and cut water.

While learning new technique with his new sword, four years later, the Griffon invasion of Canterlot commenced.  Aqua wanted to go and help fight, but his parents insisted that he stay in Trottingham, not because he wasn’t skilled, but because he was only 16 and he also meant the world to his 10 year old brother.  Nine months later, the terrible Shelling of Trottingham occurred and the most horrific thing could happen to Aqua; his parents were killed in the shelling and while he and his brother were trying to escape, his brother was picked off by a Griffon and started getting eaten alive.  Aqua managed to kill the Griffon, but not before the bloodthirsty creature had dealt a mortal wound to his brother.  Aqua managed to make it to Las Pegasus to his grandfather’s house.  He lived there for several years, physically toning his body, but when the Griffons invaded, Aqua was forced to flee; not because he was cowardly, as he is far from it, but attempting to fight back would’ve been suicide, especially with morale so low after the loss of Stalliongrad. Aqua’s grandfather had passed away peacefully about a week before Aqua left, which meant that he had no reason to stay in the city.  However, similar to his brother, Aqua took a dying wish from his grandfather, promising to return Equestria to the peaceful nation they missed and loved.

Becoming a traveling swordspony, Aqua has been striking the Griffons where he can. When he heard of a resistance movement in Manehattan, he decided to head over there.

Special Skills/Abilities: Aqua Blade has spent his entire life devoted to swordplay. Through these years, he has become an expert at using his katana, Akuaburēdo, by holding the hilt in his teeth; he is able to gain quick access to it as he keeps it mounted on his side.  Through his training, he has developed quickness; his raw speed is practically unrivaled, but can’t really keep it up for extended periods of time.  Physically, he is decently strong, but an Earth Pony or Griffon could still overpower him in raw strength; however, his will to succeed makes him a deadly foe, even if he was unarmed.  Even so, he relies heavily on his speed and swordplay, so if those were matched, exceeded, or taken away, he would not fare well.

His katana has unique properties added by his grandfather when he crafted it.  As its name states, it is a blade able to slice through water.  He can create a powerful break in a body of water, similar to a shock wave.  His most deadly technique is his ability to create a shock wave through rainwater.  During a rainstorm, he can generate a beam similar to a sword slice as a projectile, but it drains him of some energy to perform this move.  He does not fare well against electricity and could easily be overpowered by a foe with access to it.

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Re: Aqua Blade [Pegasus]

Post by Steel Strike on Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:32 am

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