Dirge (Griffon)

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Dirge (Griffon)

Post by Dirge on Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:28 pm

Name: Dirge
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 94 (47)
Occupation: Unemployed
Vice: Anger
Major Talent: Strength and Brutal Close-Quarters Combat
Minor Talents: Archery, Intimidation, Weapon Improvisation and can play Guitar.
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6’5”
Body Color: Grey/Dark Grey
Eye color: Complete Silver – Iris and Pupil are both coloured Silver

Dirge along with his proffered weapon, The Machete. Sorry for the white dots, I made one change in paint and that happened.

Dirge is practically emotionless. He does talk, but prefers to remain silent. Unless he is directly talked too he won’t say very much. He is a psychopathic mass murderer, ever since that fateful day he has wandered all over Equestria, leaving a trail of bodies behind him, Both Griffon and Pony alike, but mostly Griffon. Although he generally won’t attack a pony unless they seemed a threat, or he seen or heard them do something considerably bad.

Dirge is traumatized by his past, he acts by Vengeance, Killing those he feels do not deserve to live for what they have done, or those who have wronged him. Griffons are at the centre of this and are in the most danger in his presence. Griffon traitors or spies are still in danger around him.
Dirge searches for his own redemption, he failed to protect his friends, a failure he hasn’t taken lightly. He also has a great fear of Fire, and will not go near any source of open flame.

Dirge lived in Equestria his whole life. He grew up around ponies and helped them in their tasks anyway that he could. At the end of the day, he liked being helpful. One day in particular, he met a certain Unicorn. He called her Star for short; because he found it pretty hard to remember her name. She was the most interesting Unicorn he’d ever met before. The way she did things always interested Dirge in some way. He found out that Star had an interest in magic which helped to preserve life, allowing things like plants and animals to have a far longer life span, if not an endless one. Dirge volunteered to help her research and test a spell that would accomplish that objective and eventually, after a considerable amount of effort, they succeeded. They had managed to create a spell that could extend a living things lifetime. Becoming good friends in the process.

A couple of years afterwards, the first waves of Griffons attacked. They were clearing out buildings in their area, violently. They eventually got to his building where He and a few of his friends, Including the Unicorn he knew so well, were hiding. Dirge tried to fight back against his own kind, but he was Outnumbered and Outmatched, he was badly wounded in the process. He was made to watch his friends get slaughtered; Star made one final move. Most likely putting all of her strength into the spell they created, she fired it at Dirge. Only seconds before he died a traitor’s death, having his neck slit.

He re-awakened shortly after; the whole place was on fire. Life as he knew it was on fire. Still confused and scared, he fled from the building and onto the street. All he saw was fire, the world set ablaze. All he could smell was burning flesh. All he could hear were the screams of the dead and the dying. He ran and didn’t stop until he could run no longer. He hid in an old cave that he knew about when he was younger. He had all the time to think that he wanted. His thoughts remained flooded with his life burning away, his failure to protect those he cared for, and the fact that he’s still alive. His mind was filled with sorrow for such a long time that he slowly became insane, obsessed with self-redemption.

Star, His best friend, gave him one last gift before her life ended. That gift was his key to redemption, and the knowledge on that gift died with her. Only Dirge and herself knew how to do it, and Dirge himself couldn’t do it. Only a Unicorn can. And he’d promised he’d die before telling a single soul about it, or even how to do it themselves.

He blamed his own kind for everything; they destroyed everything he ever had. And he was determined to make them pay. He wanted revenge. He hunted down every Griffon he could find and killed them, eventually being killed himself. But he reawakened again and again and again. He took a weapon that suited him the most, a machete, and became a wanderer, hunting down anything that deserved to die.

After the war was finished and the Griffons took over, Dirge’s war wasn’t. He lost all emotion after time. His eye’s lost their colour and pain barely phased him and he became pretty slow. But he became a ticking time bomb, if anything seemed to be too hostile, he would attack it. He would kill it in any way he could and he would rarely stop. He can still show sympathy for a victim, if they’re lucky.

Dirge has the ability of Accelerated Healing. This traits main effect is preventing Dirge from being killed by “Simple” means. The only way to permanently kill Dirge would be Dismemberment, because his Healing abilities don’t heal lost limbs. After being stabbed to death, for example, he will proceed to “Re-animate” and come back to life. His body remains at a set age and doesn’t age. He is trapped in a form of stasis. Thanks to this Stasis and Dying in the past, Dirge’s muscles movements have slowed. But his Strength remains the same.

Notable Differances:
1) Dirge won’t go out of his way to hurt something that isn’t a Griffon. If something aids him in some way, he won’t forget it. If something wrongs him, he also won’t forget it.
2) After repeated deaths, Dirge’s movement speed was badly reduced. His movements can be easily predicted.
3) Thanks to Dirge’s gift, he doesn’t fear death. He can ignore a lot of pain, making him a lethal tank at close-range.
4) Dirge’s eye colour faded sometime after he awakened. Becoming silver, and pretty shiny. Light reflects from his eyes differently, and he has a better ability to see in the darkness. But slightly worse ability in very light environments.
5) Dirge may occasionally play a Guitar. This is his way of letting go of his past temporarily. What he plays usually sounds sorrowful, which comes from his sorrow of the past.

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Re: Dirge (Griffon)

Post by Steel Strike on Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:51 pm

Accepted. Im allowing this because I believe you can handle this Scrapper. Dont prove me wrong.
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