Whiteout [Griffon]

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Whiteout [Griffon]

Post by Whiteout on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:40 pm

Name: Whiteout or just white to her friends
Age: 23
Occupation:Military Courier
Virtue:Charmer (Charm]
Special Talent: Stealth
Minor Talents: camouflage


Coloration:her Entire plumage is snow white with spots of grey minus a few feathers on her head that have a tinge of purple to them, yellow beak and claws as normal for most griffons

Eye Color: Grey


Whiteout's personality is rather tense at times but over all just very cautious as her job requires to always be watching. her tiny figure has led to bullying some time in her life and she has come to stay away from others but when she does make friends they tend to be life long ones.

If someone was to talk to her, and that's if you can get her to talk.she would be very sarcastic and tends to get extremely angry if her size is made fun of but if one was nice to her she is nice back and vice versa if one is mean to her. she has never had a relationship but she still believes in love at first sight but sadly for her she has never found a griffon that catch her eye and none have taken a liking to her so she may look depressed when she sees couples

Whiteout has had a hard life,when she was born most thought she would not survive due to her tiny size and odd color, she was the smallest of her brothers and sisters and was constantly ridiculed for this and was always picked last for everything. in her early teens she was bullied really bad by other griffons based on her size and she became good at hiding herself and avoiding others. she than became a loner and left home due to the hell she had to go though on a daily basis and spent most of her teenage and adult life by herself with only a friend her or there. her most recent life has to due with the griffon military, she was just passing though one day at a Generals camp, he saw how quick and stealthy she was and for once in her life her small size is of use. The general quickly offered her the position of courier and that finally gave her a reason and purpose in life and she loves her job. she can now be seen on many a battle field moving orders form place from place, she is rarely spotted though and the most anyone would would want to harm her see is a flash of white and she is gone.

she has a secret goal of making enough money to raise a family of her own but she doubts any other griffon would want a weaklings such as herself but she remains hopeful none the less. She does not like living near other griffons thus she nests in the towns clock tower by herself but its well camouflage and she is the only one that even knows it thare

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