Steel Strike [Unicorn]

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Steel Strike [Unicorn]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:08 pm

Name: Steel Strike
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Blacksmith
Virtue: Diligence (Thinks of all sides before making conclusions, Thinks things through before doing them. Tends to overthink at times.)
Special Talent: Smithing
Minor Talents: Whittling.
Aligment: Neutral.
Height: 4'5"
Coat Color: Gray
Mane/Tail Color:Jet Black
Eye color: Sky Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Hammer


Steel seems like a very simple pony. Doesn't say much, and when he does say something, it's rarely helpful to one side. He hates conflict, and usually goes out of his way to avoid it. He takes great pride in his work, but not too much. He recognizes he isn't the best smith in Equestria.

His quiet nature leaves some to believe, he's a bit thick, but the opposite is true. He's absorbed much through his lifetime, and he always like to stay in the know. Even if he comments on the side, he usually wants his opinion heard. Whether it be through shouting, or a strongly worded letter. But usually, he just minds his own business.

Steel Strike grew up in a rural town. His entire family consisted of craftsponies and trade workers. It was no surprise when his family learned of his special talent, smithing. Before even contemplating his own shop, unlike most of his family, he took an apprenticeship with another smith. He learned much from him, in a shorter amount of time then it would have taken on his own. His Master would always say "Steel, that's what makes you great. You keep your trap shut, and just listen to what ponies are saying. Most youth go off and run their mouth off, and get themselves into a heap of trouble. You just sit there, and listen." His master was right in this respect, and Strike didn't mind it one bit.

Soon after he left his apprenticeship, war broke out. He was called on by the army to supply them with whatever they needed, and he obliged. He was you and eager back then. But after eight years of war, it took a toll on his body. After the defeat at Canterlot, Strike didn't know what to think. It shocked him to be honest. He'd been raised in Equestria all his life. How his world crumbled was scary, to say the least. He laid low a few months into the occupation, to avoid being captured and sent to work as a slave for the griffons. He re-opened his shop after a while, under the name, "Tools and Repairs". He began living his life under the occupation, and it was much drearier then before. He had less money, and not many ponies came to see him. He scraps by, repairing this, and creating a tool every once in a while. He obeys the laws set forth by the griffon kingdom. Including the rule stating no pony smith would be allowed to craft weapons or armor that wasn't directly sanctioned by the griffon kingdom. Sadly, Strike realized that 'Directly Sanctioned' meant imprisioned and forced to work , so he always stays within his bounds. He has heard whispering of a rebellion. But to Strike, it could never be powerful enough to stand up to the Griffon army. In his mind, only the re-appearance of Celestia and Luna, or even The Elements of Harmony, could justify another war on the griffons. Until he met Megabyte Stream.

Steel Strikes Theme Song:

A list of Canon Appearances by Thread
October 16th Afternoon
At The Smith (Closed)

October 26th Late Afternoon
Trotting the Streets of Danger (Closed)

October 27th Early Morning
On The Run(Open)

October 29th Midday
Another Day At The Smith

November 1st Afternoon
X's General Goods (Minor Role)

November 2nd Afternoon
Amethyst Leaves(Closed)

November 3rd~4th Late Afternoon~Morning
A Chance Encounter

November 4th Midday
Talk of Escape (Closed)

November 4th~5th
Beginnings, Endings, and the Threads that Never Die(Open)(Minor Role)

November 4th Late Afternoon
Answers to Best-Forgotten Questions (Steel Strike and Zweihander)(Private)[Closed]

November 5th Early morning
The Hammer, The Haunted, and The Hunter (Closed)

November 5th Evening
Worry, Insanity, And Hope (Closed; Dated)

November 8th Afternoon
Painful Recover {Closed} [Dated]

Nov 12th 6 PM
Rebellion is Brewing... [Dated] [Closed]

Nov 12th Late Afternoon (Around 10 PM)
Sewing the seeds... [Dated] [Closed]

Nov 14th Early Morning
Seeking Students (And a teacher) [Dated]

Nov 16th Noon
Good to be back [Dated] [Closed]

Nov 17th
False Alarm and Offer [Private][Dated]

Nov 18th 2 pm
Magic Training: Placement Test [Open]

Nov 18th
Meetings of Importance [Open]

Nov 19th Afternoon
Announcments of Pressing Matters [Private] [Dated]

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