Plot Planning Format and Requirements

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Plot Planning Format and Requirements Empty Plot Planning Format and Requirements

Post by Freyia on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:17 pm

This section is for planning large threads with 5 or more players, PvP threads with 4 or more players, or any important canonical or plot threads. It is required that any of those kinds of threads be posted here in advance. The player creating the thread should include the below information in addition to any special circumstances:

Date: When in the Calendar Timeline the thread takes place.
Location: Where the thread will be located in the forum and where it will be in Manehattan.
Name of Thread: Name of the thread with tags.
Players: A list of the known players participating in the thread.

Description: What will happen or is expected to happen in the thread.

Any expected outcomes: If there are any expected or agreed upon outcomes, i.e. this person WILL be gravely wounded, please list them.

Rules for slow/nonposters: What the creator of the thread is allowed to do, as well as if they wish to set up a minimum posting speed to keep things from becoming stagnant

Previous threads if connected to a thread line: If the thread is part of an ongoing story, please list the previous threads in the story will the url (inbeded would be best) so that others can easily refer to them.

Requirments before starting the thread:

1) ALL players participating must reply to the thread saying they know and agree.

2) A staff member must okay the thread before starting. Once a thread is posted in Plot Planning, please notify a staff member and they will see and okay it within a reasonable amount of time.


The purpose of all of this is to allow staff to better keep track of important or large threads going on, as well as a muster to ensure all players participating understand and are ready to start the thread. Threads will only be denied if they conflict with established canon or other threads. This is not meant to hinder or limit players ability to create or post in threads, and it should not be any trouble for anyone making large or important threads to follow this format.

If this does prove to be a problem or there are issues with things please let myself or another staff member know. If this ends up hurting more then helping it can be removed.

Thank you.

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