Ivory Sky [Pegasus]

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Ivory Sky [Pegasus]

Post by Ivory Sky on Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:24 pm

Name: Ivory Sky
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Mare
Age: 28
Occupation: Librarian, Courier
Virtue / Vice: Diligence / Doubt
Special Talent: Acrobatic Flight
Minor Talents: Memorization, Persuasion
Alignment: Rebel

Height: 4' 6"
Coat Color: Cool White
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Violet
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Three, green, overlapping birds in flight.

Personaliy: Ivory Sky is a timid and shy pegasus when approached by most. She is very withdrawn in many social interactions where she feels generally uneasy in the presence of strangers or people she hasn't been very well aquainted with. She will try and back out of every social situation with said strangers by shying away or convincing them that she has other obligations to attend to. Mostly out of her small fear of not performing well.

This being so, she is very bad with her relationship skills and will often times become very flustered and embarrassed when advances are made on her. She will usually act without thinking much and begin to back out of the situation in self-defense not knowing how to act and unwilling to learn. However, when she is with friends, her personality changes. She becomes very bubbly and eccentric; she completely abandons her timid personality. She tends to be quite devious, deceptive, and dangerous like this, but with no intentions to ever really hurt her friends. She only means it to play around and have fun. Ivory will often times set up situations to prank her friends during there time together. Among these things, she is also very caring and has a strong sense of loyalty and trust for her friends.

When approached about her flying, she brushes the topic aside. Ivory is quite weak, but her talent in flight is exeptional. Though this fact she won't admit to. She is very agile in the air and demonstrates complete control and focus when executing complicated aerial maneuvers. Though she doesn't fly like this and usually flies slowly under normal circumstances. Ivory, though very weak, will choose to do things on her own even if given the option of receiving help. She does not wish to burden others with her problems and weaknesses. Ivory will always offer to help a friend, though most of the time it will not be a direct offer and more of an unsure offering.

Ivory Sky was born in Manehattan as the only child to a stong willed mother and supportive father. With this she flourished in most everything she strived to accomplish with much support from her parents. Her father was a first-class courier for the Equesrian post offices. This being so, Ivory never got to see too much of her father. However, when he finally did come home he taught her many things about the different places her had been too and often would bring back things for Ivory. Ivory's father also trained her himself as soon as she got out of flight school and he was certain she was capable. Through this training, she developed her speed and agility.

Ivory's mother was a quieter individual who was usually spotted in her study where she kept her endless amounts of personal studies and literature. She would always have the young Ivory study multiple things and memorize each individual line of text. Even if Ivory didn't want to do it. They both knew, however, that her mother only did it because she cared aboout her daughter. Through years of studying with her mother, she learned a great deal of things on a variety of differnt subjects.

In her later years, roughly 12-15 years, Ivory moved to Canterlot in further her studies with her family. She she began to looking into a future of being a teacher, and maybe even a respected professor one day. Luckily for her, her father's office was there in Canterlot and her mother had landed a job as one of the many librarians at the Canterlonian Library. This were just falling into place. She could finally see her father more and her mother now had something to do besides hound her with studies.

This all changed with a single event.

It was hardly noticable to those who had not known, but the mother and father began to grow distant in their own relationship. They slowly began to drift away, consumed in their own thoughts. Ivory couldn't see it at the time, for she was young and innocent, but they had begun to have disagreements on things. These arguments sometimes became so heated that they began to question eachother on everything. Eventually the mother just stopped talking to the father all together. There were still the family moments where they all bonded. But the connection between the two had already been broken. They meerely stayed together for the sake of Ivory and her well being.

One day after after her studies, Ivory met with her father just before sunset. He was standing at the office with a very large bag of mail that had to be delivered and she had come to wish him good luck. However when she arrived, he was nowhere to be seen. She asked the clerk about her father and where he might be. The clerk only said that he just left with some important mail that he had to personally deliver. Ivory just stared at the clerk for a bit before shaking her dazed look and apologising. She left the office with haste and made her way back to her home. It was the first time he had left without saying goodbye.

She returned home to find the doors wide open. She peeked inside to find the front room in ruins.

"Mom..?" she said quietly. There was no response. She frowned and flapped her wings a bit as she moved into the house. Something stopped her as she flew into the kitchen. She saw her mother there cutting up some vegetables on the counter. Ivory's smile reappeared on her face. She went up and hugged her mother tightly and went up to her room to commit to her studies once more.

It didn't last long.

Ivory had to eventually commit her mother to the Canterlot Hospital for treatment. The mare had gone suicidal after an encounter with her husband. Ivory never found out what had happened between the two, but she never wanted to find out. She returned home to continue her studies and raise herself on her own.

Years later when the griffons swept over Canterlot, Ivory fled with some books from her mothers study and flew at blistering speeds towards Manehattan, not even glancing back for a moment. She vowed to return one day and say goodbye to her mothe. Something she was unable to do as she fled. There in Manehattan she bought a small apartment with just enough space to keep herself and a room full of books. These books didn't matter to her though as her studies had come to an abrupt end due to the war. She was too broken to continue on with them anyways.

The war had not broken her. She had already been broken so long ago.
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Re: Ivory Sky [Pegasus]

Post by Steel Strike on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:21 pm

Poor Ivy....Approved
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