Gypsy Resonance [Unicorn]

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Gypsy Resonance [Unicorn]

Post by Gypsy Resonance on Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:48 am

Name: Gypsy Resonance
Species: Unicorn
Age: 23
Occupation: Travelling Entertainer
Special Talent: Resonance
Minor Talents: Dancing, War Fan, Fine Telekinesis
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 3'10
Coat Color: Pale pink
Mane/Tail Color: White
Eye color: Milky Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Romani Chakra


Personality: Gypsy is best described as playful almost, flirtatious on occasion but for the most part it's a mask worn almost as much for the dancer as it is for anypony else. It was easier to cope with the recent loss if it could simply be played off and pushed to the back of the mind as often as possible. If things turn serious though the entertainer was good about shifting back into reality without much effort. Though it tends to lead to periods of withdrawal, still remaining politely social but offering little more than necessary.

Ultimately Gypsy craves a chance to find out who ordered the attack on her troupe and return the favor in the most subtle and sudden way possible but is afraid and unsure of how to pursue it, being on one's own after such an event tended to have confusing effects.

History: Gypsy comes from a band of... you guessed it, gypsies. Born to a single confident mother who performed dangerous acts with the troupe's help and on occasionally offered herself up as the prize in a duel when she was feeling particularly proud of herself and generally got a great deal of coin when she did so. She did lose though every now and gain and thus Gypsy's arrival. The troupe handled themselves fairly well save for medical issues which ruined Gypsy's eyes amongst other things. Regardless of this, the mother trained Gypsy in dance and weapons when more coordination was achieved but it was mostly for show, for displays that would help the troupe.

When the war started the troupe attempted to maintain their way of life and did so with private displays of their more dangerous acts and keeping up appearances otherwise as a travelling side show until somepony reported them for the acts featuring weapons and the griffons retribution was swift. Few survived and those that fought did little save for the few that actually could fight beyond stage practice such as Gypsy's mother. From that point Gypsy had escaped under the distraction of the others, many that tried to get away were cut down though and the one's that got away did so merely by chance. Setting out from there to pick up the pieces, Gypsy made a path throughout Equestria trying to find the best place to start over.

Obviously for more detail open the spoiler, the first half is about general life growing up and the second is a bit more detail on what happened after adulthood set in.

Born to a family of gypsy origin who still followed a nomadic style of life, travelling from one place to another in a caravan of brightly colored and decorated wagons each with their own signs and gimmicks to sell when the group troupe stopped. Fortune tellers and soothsayers, musicians and dancers, sideshows and dangerous acts. Between everypony there it seemed no matter where they went they could at least manage to come up with the bits to feed themselves, if not live comfortably in some towns and enjoy some of the luxuries others might though that was only when there was enough coin for everypony to eat, it wasn't until that point was reached that the troupe allowed others to keep their individual earnings. They all saw trouble together and pulled upon each other to rise into the greener pastures just beyond and as a result the troupe was very close knit and everpony was family. The only exception to this being health care, it was expensive to treat and required the troupe to be in one place for far too long, as a result all but the worst problems simply had to be lived with or cured using home remedies.

Gypsy's had always been one of the bolder mares in the group as one of the dangerous actresses, a talented one at that. She'd spent as much time having blades tossed and swing at her for the sake of the act as she had been on the other end, a practiced duelist as well there were occasions where she offered herself up in contest, for an entrance fee of course, and almost always came away with both the bits and her dignity, one way or another though she at least came back with the bits. On the occasions that she did lose though she was far from a bad sport of it and tended to find herself having a good night. This all came to an sudden halt though when signs started showing that one of the winners had left her with a little gift, and thus came about her son, Gypsy Resonance.

With the active and mobile nature of the group, the constant need to create a show for bits things were bound to go wrong though, Gypsy was born prematurely possibly because of his mother's physically straining lifestyle and her determination to keep contributing to the troupe even during the latter stages of carriage. The buck would survive though, and prove to be quite a nightmare for his mother and anyone else around him when periods of 'wild magic' would overtake the child who seemed to have a considerable talent for causing metallic objects to vibrate and create all kinds of pitch and noise. On some occasions he'd managed to vibrate some of the metal parts of stages until the bolts that held them slipped out of place. In any case, it wasn't long before the nature of his birth would become a problem, illness was frequent and a great deal of it seemed to take place at his eyes.

One of the persistent problems seemed to be a simple case of pink eye and in fact was, but further development of the problem while on travel caused it to get significant worse and ultimately develop into its next stages, his pupils began to become misshapen and the infections never seemed to clear up but there simply wasn't enough bits to spare to spend significant amounts of time travelling with few stops to get anywhere with a notable doctor and so the condition continued to grow worse. A few years later things had cleared up but the damage had been done, there was a subtle film of cloud over the young buck's blue eyes and if one looked closely it wasn't hard to tell that his pupils were simply the wrong shape. Having grown into his vision quickly deteriorating though he never saw a problem with it, that's simply what he was and his state of existence, it was normal to him but he'd never be able to see well enough to tell more than whether it was light or dark or notice particularly large and bright shades of color.

This was something that had to be covered for though, his mother felt responsible for it and so she tried her best to make sure he had a normal life and even trained him to do as she did for the troupe which was many kinds of concerning for the rest of the caravan. Of course being teased but most of the children that did so got the ominous feeling that they might suddenly lose a hoof the moment his mother came in view. Ultimately he lived just as every other young buck did, just with more accidents and a taste for all kinds of hard materials that he bumped into with the constantly changing environments.

About the time he was reaching puberty it was becoming more apparently that other things hadn't developed properly, namely that it never seemed to happen and as he grew older he maintained an almost feminine body type and grew more and more toward following ab it too closely to his mother's example. While he continued his training with her and found a certain affinity in the war fans she let him practice with, problems started to develop between the two when he started blatantly grinding against his role as a buck or a stallion, it simply never struck him as making a difference and the way his body was developing only helped to further the confusion.

On the plus side his magic seemed to be developing quite nicely, fine manipulation of telekinetic abilities seemed to be one of his greater talents as things went on, perhaps from the constant practice with the fickle metal spined war fans that he'd been practicing with. The vibration that he'd displayed a talent for in his younger years showed itself again and was refined through use and practice, finding that he could make the elegant weapons, and any other metal really, sing as he moved and danced about the stage in his mother's dresses, the older he got the more comfortable he became with that bit until she caved in and bought him his own. Eventually even the troupe stopped bothering him about it as well and it became a campfire joke that somepony would have too much to drink and end up in his bed by mistake.


By the time the war started and Gypsy had grown into adulthood gypsy was simply considered a filly. Gypsy was adept with dancing, gifted even, between the disguised fans that added to her scene and more adaptable to the stage, her Resonance spell compensated for her eye sight on a short range scale, she was easily aware of her immediate surroundings as long as she had two objects she was causing to vibrate she could accurately sense her surroundings, and when she had up to four objects she could almost define detail in objects that her failed eyesight never could. ultimate her 'vision' was limited by the placement of her fans or other objects, she could sense from the point that the objects were at rather than from her own ears as her body was still that of a pony and the extra sense of perception was taken largely through her horn. Beyond that her horn and ears simply couldn't accept anymore input, though the spell could be extended to further objects to create both heavy bass and extreme treble tones given the right surfaces to work with. She'd adapted the spell to enhance the cutting power of her fans as well, though this was only used in private shows with the growing occupation forcing some of them to be more discrete about their performances.

Harassment from the griffons became more and more common as the war progressed though, whispers had set them to be a prime target for spontaneous 'investigations' which rarely ended well but the troupe had long before that become efficient at hiding contraband and generally didn't end up the target of particularly cruel patrols. Eventually things had to go wrong though, somepony had to talk and when this happened the griffons returned in force. A pony that had become loyal to the griffons had been witness to one of the private weapons displays and reported them. The troupe was assaulted. The trained members did their best to fight the griffons off but only a few of them actually had combat experience, most of it was a show after all. The fight was best described as brief, lasting maybe fifteen minutes before it turned into a slaughter with only a handful of griffon casualties at the hooves of the more experienced combatants before they were overwhelmed.

Amidst the fighting Gypsy had become panicked though, this was a situation she was ill prepared for and far too accustomed to the ways of every other pony to adapt to and her mother forced her out of the battle, drawing the attention of the griffons at their wagon away with cleverly placed blade tip and practiced insult, as many of the combatants were doing, trying to make room for the more innocent members of the troupe to escape. Many were cut down by waiting mop up forces on the way out though and few actually escaped with that few possessions they could drag out with them. Among them but not with them was Gypsy carrying her fans, a few of her performance dresses, some scraps of food, a few bits and a couple of their more expensive possessions. She, like the few that had made it out, watched from a good distance beneath the tree lines as the caravan was burned and looted, all of their meager but treasure possessions and history and family dead or burned.

They were nothing if not adaptable though Separated and too frightened to search for the surviving members of the troupe they were forced to turn and leave it all behind. Gypsy included wandering to the nearest small town that she could remember was about to try and ply her trade just enough to start over... to feed herself, get a small cart to carry her things in and then set out to find herself a place to live, being a nomad just didn't seem like a good idea anymore... and there were whispers of the rebellion as well, surely it was going to take place at where things had once been wonderful right? So Gypsy made her way toward Manehatten with the help of the occasional passerby, taking each night to practice with her fans when she could no longer continue or it seemed like it was night again. Occasionally finding herself wandering in the wrong direction it took her a long time... but eventually she found herself at the city gates. This had to be the right place! It was a shame her exceptionally limited sight couldn't see the state the city was in.

-Year 4, Nov 9, 3-4 pm - An Unusual Sight
-Year 4, Nov 12, 6pm - Rebellion is Brewing

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Re: Gypsy Resonance [Unicorn]

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This is exceptionally well. Approved!
Can't wait to see her in RP.
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