Megabyte Stream [Pegasus]

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Megabyte Stream [Pegasus]

Post by Sassaflash on Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:30 pm

Name: Megabyte Stream
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Occupation: Inventor and Engineer
Virtue: Determination
Special Talent: Engineering
Minor Talents: Repair and planning

Height: 3'9''
Coat Color: Gray
Mane/Tail Color: Purple and electric blue
Eye color: Copper
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Vacuum Tube


Megabyte is a rather quiet pony, the only business she invites herself into is her own. She has a tendency to stay inside while working with her latest invention, build or repair request until she finishes it; making her easy to find, but a rare site out and about until it is finished. Having a very hard time saying 'no' to another, she has a bad habit of taking on too many jobs at once and overworking herself while ignoring her own health for the better of her customer. After making the choice to move to Manehatten for the better opportunities to sell her creations to the ponies with more money, she quickly had a booming business, if it meant very little sleep for the mare. After years of the same treatment of herself, the pegasus mare has gained slightly eccentric tone to her personality that shows its head from time to time.

While meticulous about her work and not happy unless everything she makes is exactly perfect, Megabyte is rather quiet and willing to change whatever her client asks for, even if she doesn't think it's the best for the piece. Somewhat meek, she fits into the role of a follower much better than the leader, preferring to stay out of the spotlight while she helps those around her from the shadows. What she lacks in physical strength due to her occupation and tendency to stay indoors, she makes up in brainpower and is able to look at nearly every detail of a situation and will find the easiest path towards the most positive outcome.

Megabyte grew up in a somewhat large home in what could be best described as the literal middle of nowhere. While having a good life with her parents in this home, she very rarely saw another pony that wasn't a member of her family, thus becoming somewhat of a recluse and would spend most of her time in her room alone. On the rare occasion that they would get any real visitors at their home, she'd mostly just shy away from them and keep herself locked away until they left.

Despite near constant badgering from her parents to go outside and play like a 'normal' filly, she would just ignore them and stay inside studying her books or trying to make something with her toys that she hadn't managed to build yet; a block pyramid wasn't good enough, she had to make a better one! Eventually she would be forced out into the yard to get the exercise she needed, which only led her to playing with the tools in her father's shed instead and ended up with her finding what real tools and building materials were like to fuel her imagination farther.

She was eventually forced to leave home after refusing to help tend the garden with her parents one too many times while she was pursuing her own interests in her room. She simply roamed Equestria with curiosity, looking for a place that she can call home.

Wandering into Manehatten after months of wandering the land, she instantly knew the city of wood and metal was the perfect place for her. She quickly made a name for herself with the creation and repair of many different items. When the griffons attacked unexpectedly, she took to hiding in the hidden basement and workshop where she passed the time building, breaking down and rebuilding anything she could get her hooves on while waiting to either be found or for the initial invasion to end, only building onto her own eccentricity due to a combination of sleep deprivation and isolation.

Canon Appearances by Thread
Oct 21, Evening: Catch me if you can!
Oct 22, Afternoon: Open for Business
Oct 26, Sundown: Trotting the Streets of Danger
Oct 27, Early Morning: On the run
Oct 29, Evening: Mandatory City Meeting
Oct 30, Afternoon: Picky Customer
Oct 30, Night: Hiding Among the Hidden
Nov 3-4, Late Afternoon-Morning: A Chance Encounter
Nov 5, Afternoon: Sinful Consequences
Nov 5, Evening: Worry, Insanity, and Hope
Nov 8, Afternoon: A Painful Recovery
Nov 13, Morning: Honey, I Helped Make the Rebellion
Nov 15, Noon: Good to be Back
Nov 16, Noon: Seeing a Ghost?
Nov 16, Late Afternoon: Day one of captivity: Arival and introduction

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