Ragnar Snowtalon [Griffon]

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Ragnar Snowtalon [Griffon]

Post by Ragnar Snowtalon on Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:21 pm

Name: Ragnar Snowtalon
Species: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 122 (51 relative)
Occupation: Feliks' Right-Talon Advisor, Ranked Colonel in the Griffon Kingdoms Army
Virtue/Vice: Paitence
Special Talent: Social Strategizing, Military Advisory
Minor Talents: Polearm Combat
Alignment: Griffon

Height: 6'
Coat Color: White
Eye color: Brown

Personality: Ragnar is a griffon of only a few words, but when he speaks, he is able to enthrall his audience. Almost as if he can predict their emotions like he is able to predict the movements of a prey he is hunting. He is, however, able to push any petty emotional sentiments aside in combat, as Northr style and tradition dictates. He is not ambitious, and leaves many of his ideals for what the griffons as a people are and should become to those he knows he can trust to bring to the light they deserve. He sees the wisdom in both what the Tsar appears to be wanting for the future of the GK and Equestria, but Feliks' ideals speak to him as well. Thus he attempts to maintain a balance between his loyalties to the two. He keeps Feliks in the Tsar's favor while carrying out his official orders as well.

History: Born into one of the smallest of the Northr Tribes, Ragnar was known by his early childhood to be a fairly social griffon. Able to glean much more from his peers than most could. Despite his empathy, he was also able to keep up his ability as a warrior. During his rite to adulthood, Ragnar stumbled upon the den of a dragon. Ragnar was barely able to escape, and only by hiding under a pile of bones of Northr Griffons who had stumbled upon the den, keeping the population of his tribe low, due to few of the warriors being able to anticipate the power and ferocity of such a foe. Determined to stop the threat once and for all, Ragnar faced the dragon at the mouth of its cave, forcing the beast to trap itself forever in a cave-in. Soon thereafter, he entered the Kingdoms' Army, where he met Feliks.

Impressing the future general with his combat ability as well as social skills, Feliks and Ragnar became friends. This friendship they had helped Feliks ascend to his current rank, although Ragnar wasn't particularly ambitious, he liked Feliks' idea of how the Griffons should return to older ways. This ideal held true even through the drone of the war on Equestria, where Ragnar found himself ascending through the ranks through his clever tactics and brutal combat finesse.
Ragnar Snowtalon

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Re: Ragnar Snowtalon [Griffon]

Post by Freyia on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:34 pm

Adviser the Feliks, this can work, just be wary. Also, you beat a dragon in your past...hmm. I hope your character is not some hidden op combat master.

However I approve.

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