Sapphire Topclaw [NPC - Evangaline Topclaw]

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Sapphire Topclaw [NPC - Evangaline Topclaw]

Post by Evangeline Topclaw on Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:15 pm

Name: Sapphire Topclaw
Species: Griffin
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Occupation: Fledgeling
Virtue/Vice: Work Ethic
Special Talent: Administration
Minor Talents: Appraisal, Employee management, and people skills
Alignment: Griffin

Height: 4' 4"
Coat Color: Sky Blue
Mane/Tail Color: Darker Blue
Eye color: Yellowish


Personality: Sapphire is a jaded and somewhat manipulative individual, although this is probably on account of being a bored teenage girl in a war-torn town with nothing to do. She is managerial, precise, and somewhat authoritatively off putting, having served as heiress to the auction house since very young. Having to manage her mother's affairs, along with the affairs of the interests of the auction house is quite exhausting.

Although she can be off putting at times, she is an extremely hard-working individual, and has earned the affections of her employees and repeat customers. She sincerely cares about the welfare of those around her, and sees that her people are well taken care of.

Incidentally, due to her age and inexperience, she has a somewhat unrealistic image of what the Griffins bring to Equestria, and favors the Griffins because of it. She believes that the ponies are savage, unruly creatures (having killed her grandparents) and refuses to allow them to purchase auctioned goods, though she does purchase from them.

History: Born into an environment that had just faced two severely painful deaths in the family, she was nurtured and hidden away from the world by a mother who was in a severely profound state of grief. She grew up in a sheltered, environment, knowing only the workings of the auction house and its employees.

She grew into her responsibility as true heiress of the estate, and became quite efficient at managing the households affairs. She became quite good at ensuring that nobody harmed her family, and became a keen manipulator in pursuit of the same.

The occupation's been good for business, bringing lots of old relics and previously owned goods into the buyers circulation, and possessing a bunch of bored griffins with too much money to burn and nothing to burn it on. Now she's running a prosperous business, and everything seems to be going golden- or will the tumultuous tides of fate prove otherwise?
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Re: Sapphire Topclaw [NPC - Evangaline Topclaw]

Post by Steel Strike on Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:37 pm

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