Evangaline Topclaw [Griffon]

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Evangaline Topclaw [Griffon]

Post by Evangeline Topclaw on Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:33 am

Name: Evangaline Topclaw
Species: Griffin
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Occupation: Appraiser in her auction house
Vice: Has a love of fine Geographical Specimens (She has a habit of stealing jewelry from homes)
Special Talent: Appraisal. She has a striking knowledge of the worth of most objects.
Minor Talents: Jewel Appraisal. She can tell you the cut, make, grade, luminosity, and worth of any jems or semi-precious stone in circulation.
Alignment: Alignment? Whaaat?

Height: 4' 10"
Coat Color: Varied, body color is a pale burgandy(?)
Mane/Tail Color: Shades of Grey
Eye color: Sky Blue


Personality: Evangaline suffers from a range of conditions, that in reality would be likely to be diagnosed as Aspergers syndrome. She possesses an extremely keen interest in appraisal, which never seems to cease, even away from work. She appraises everything, from rags seen in the streets, to the work of child artists working in grade-schools. She also possesses difficulties in social interactions, including, but not limited to general social awkwardness, a tendency for extremely overcompensated speech patterns leaning towards precision, overemphasis of all eye contact, a "stimming" pattern involving repeated tugging on her anklets, excessive literal thinking, poor planning ability, and poor ability to read situations.

Her symptoms cause her severe social anxiety, though she is nowhere nearly as shy when around people who she is familiar with, like her daughter, or the employees of the auction house who she has acclimatized to. Among them, her inherent social anxieties are alleviated to a degree, revealing an extremely loving and dotting personality. She has a habit of splurging her money on her daughter in fits of poor-thinking, a habit which her daughter has to reign in to a degree, lest they lose their financial security.

She has poor foresight, and habitually slips away from the shelter of the auction house to explore the nights of Manehatten alone. This typically ends poorly, and in more than one instance has she been bailed from a jailhouse on charges ranging from public indecency to accidental arson.

Incedentally, she also possesses an impulsive desire to own gemstones, regardless of cost or ownership. She is likely to try to pilfer jems she cannot buy, and has been known to steal from homes she is invited into if she sees a gem displayed openly. Her collection is extremely extensive, and the vast majority of her salary goes to expanding it, much to the chagrin of her daughter.

History: Her family has owned the Topclaw Auctionhouse in Manehatten since long before the occupation, for at least eighty years. She was born into the business, and found herself immensely valuable to their operations with appraising. Her natural proclivities towards detail-oreanted operations where an easy match, and she quickly developed an obsession with appraising objects. She developed a working memory of nearly every object, valuable and trash, and applied it on a daily basis in the nature of her work.

At some time in her late teens she was raped whilst out on the town, and conceived a child from the experience. Her child, Saphire, proved to be an important point in helping her grow, and she changed from a garrulous teenager to a garrulous mother of a reserved but bright griffin fledgeling. Her motherhood has been a generally good trait, and it helped anchor her when a flash-riot caused the deaths of her parents in a mob induced arson.


November the Eigth- Evils and Evaluations

November the Tenth- Random Encounter: Watch the Cup

November the Twelth- Double-crosses, Tripple-crosses, and Monetary Losses

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Re: Evangaline Topclaw [Griffon]

Post by Double Edge on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:24 am

Hmm taking a closer look at this CS, the cut seems good, not cloudy, or chips. I'd have to give this CS an Flawlessly Approved rating. Probably close to 2000 bits if you were to put it up for auction today.
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