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Post by Rationale on Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:00 pm

Name: Rationale
Species: Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Used to be a writer and a therapist (Odd Jobs at the current time)
Virtue: Temperance
Special Talent: Political Theory Writing
Minor Talents: Magic

Height: 4'6"
Coat Color: Forest Green
Mane/Tail Color: Black and Green
Eye color: Brown
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A podium with a quill diagonally crossed over it.

Picture: Rationale [Unicorn] Ration10

Personality: Rationale is a pony that usually remains on the analytic side of things. Ever since he came into Ponyville, he remained secluded from most of the ponies and shrugged off any party invites that were provided to him. He was mostly seen when he walked to the library to borrow countless amounts of books. He is very empathetic, although he almost never shows it, since his mind is being occupied by other matters. His interest in the mind of a pony causes him to research history and anatomy. When it comes to a pony, he wants to learn it all.

Another part of Rationale that no one notices is the fact that he is a compulsive liar, hence the name, Rationale. However, all of his lies are usually small white ones, but due to the vast number of them, one will wonder whether he is telling the truth or not after a while. He will not lie and say that someone hates another, but if someone asks him to the Gala, he will respectfully decline with a made up story that he has to visit his parents. Ask him about the psychology of a pony when they make a decision, and he will sit you down and never stop talking.

History: Rationale started off as a therapist when he moved to Ponyville. A lot of citizens had troubles coping with the invasion of Nightmare Moon, and the numerous other events that happened through Ponyville. Along with that, he noticed that a lot of ponies had troubles with their feelings, such as asking a pony out or wondering why they made a self destructive decision. He didn't have much of an impact on the city, although he did acquire a part time job writing some articles for the Ponyville newspaper. He was never a fan of Celestia's reign, since he believed in the power of the individual as a group, rather than the power of a single individual. He didn't want Celestia and Luna to be in rule, and preferred democracy.

This all changed when the griffin nation attacked. Rationale's house was ransacked and he was brutally beaten for trying to write works that were against the Griffin nation. One of his articles in one of the newspapers criticized the griffin's nation and it's lack of diplomacy with other nations. This newspaper would have had him killed, if he didn't escape. With his house burned down, along with all of his manuscripts, he joined the rebellion in order to provide any services that he could. Whether he is organizing troops, or just making sure that ponies don't become crazy from stress, he wants to help. He regrets his wish that Celestia be driven from power, and now wants Equestria back to where it was. However, this desire may change if ponies manage to take back the kingdom. He would be the first to suggest a democratic rule.

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