Test Firing (open)

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Test Firing (open)

Post by Black Powder on Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:54 pm

Getting here was far from a being a walk in the park; getting sneak pass so many guards with such amount of materials wasn't easy. Good thing however that he knew the sewer system nearly by heart; it allowed him to move himself around the city with little to no risk of getting caught. Following a series exit drain, the pegasus would eventually reach the outskirt of the city. Wearing a black cloak to dissimulate his own self and fit with the night's dark surroundings. Spreading his wings, he'd then fly off in the distance, far from the prying eyes.

After a few hours of flight, cruising in a beeline in the darkness of the night, his venture would eventually lead him to a beach, the one between Manehattan and FillyDelphia. Putting his compass away, the Pegasus would land on the sand, taking a look around him.

Perfect silence, not a soul in sight. Away from everything, he just hoped he'd have the opportunity to take a few test shots before anyone would notice him. Especially Griffins. If his firing could bring a fellow pony, however, so much for the better he supposed.

Putting his large saddlebag on the ground, Demetrius would start pulling out his material, putting all the pieces together. Eventually, his mortar would be ready to fire. Pulling out his anemometer, he'd then begin to calculate wind velocity, angle and fire power.

Once everything down on paper, he'd then launch his contraption, a muffled *F'POMP!* would let itself hear as the dummy projectile flew high into the black sky, invisible to the naked eye. Seconds later, the missiles would land in the sand somewhere, the flare inside the metal shell lighting up, reveling its position far off in the distance, gleaming red.

Taking his measuring rope, he'd then squeeze one end under a rock and take flight toward where the dummy had landed. Minutes later, he would eventually arrive next to the metallic contraption... the metric measuring roll he was holding showing 2043 meters. He was about 200 meters off target... his calculus would require some rectifications.

Having slept all day, the Pegasus had the whole night in front of him. Ready to fire his mortar until he'd be dead on.
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