Industrial District

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Industrial District

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:17 pm

Industrial District: An all but destroyed section in the south of the south, half of it lined with water, with the Downtown District to the north.

The Industrial District used to be the heartbeat of the city. While downtown had the banks, market, and money, this district had the production. It manufactured carriages, train parts, building parts, and ship parts. Most of the ponies who worked in the city worked in the industrial district. Its harbor housed both sea ships and airships, importing supplies and exporting the goods. Today, it is mostly destroyed. Most of the warehouses and factories are nothing more than shells, housing rubble and debris. Of the few that are still standing, most are completely abandoned. This makes the district the ideal spot for scavengers and looters. However, recently many of the griffon guerrillas have chosen to make this their place of residence until their contracts end, making this district a place to be feared. Most that try to loot it are killed, but those that return, usually return with plenty of bounty.
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