East Residential District

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East Residential District

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:15 pm

East Residential District: Along the central eastern border of the city, with parts touching the water.

This area is filled with apartment buildings and hotels, for ponies who used to come on vacation or live in the city. After the war, this is where most of the ponies congregated to, squeezing themselves into the still standing apartment buildings and hotels. This has become a pool of squalor, disease, and suffering. Most ponies who can’t own their own business or work in the camps, scavenge around the area, looking for anything they can trade for food or water. Most ponies have to pack into the same room, six or seven at a time. For those lucky enough to have and hold onto their own living arrangements, have to be constantly on the lookout, or else they may find that when they return, there are five ponies who have moved in. Most everything in this district that is not being used is fair game. Still, many ponies manage to hold their own, either out of respect, or fear.
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