Viridia [Unicorn] (WIP)

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Viridia [Unicorn] (WIP)

Post by Viridia on Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:03 pm

Name: Viridia
Species: Unicorn
Age: 15
Occupation: Civilian/”Self-Employed Street Cleaner"
Virtue: Silence
Special Talent: Heavy Lifting (Using Telekinesis)
Minor Talents: Digging holes

Height: 3’ 10”
Coat Color: Light green
Mane/Tail Color: Mint green and teal
Eye color: Blue with a greenish tint
Cutie/Glyph Mark: A 1000lb barbel


Personality: Viridia is a shy little pony. She hides in the shadows of Manehatten, not socializing with anypony. She obeys higher ups without question- and anyone else who yells at her loud enough. Viridia doesn't mind being picked upon for the most part, so long as she lives another day.
What she does mind, however, is death. Every time she finds the bones of a pony the griffons ate, she levitates it to her little shelter and buries it in a hole, furiously. You do not want to be near her when she does. After she buries the bones and covers the hole, Viridia returns to her normal, shy life.

History: Viridia was born just before the entire world went downhill. Her parents had moved from a small off-the-map town to Manehatten to give birth to her. They decided to stay there for awhile, and bought an apartment in western area. When the battle started, Viridia’s father went to fight. Her mother stayed with her, but also died eventually of an illness, days before Viridia earned her cutie mark.
Viridia and her mother moved to a makeshift hut in the outskirts of town when the griffins came, in a desperate attempt to flee. Viridian had to constantly repair her shoddy little home- the roof and walls weren't the most structurally sound. She woke up many mornings to a caved in roof, and many times put a strain on her magic by levitating it back up. Eventually she realized that she liked levitating the thing back up to place- even if it was pointless, and gained her cutie mark.

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Re: Viridia [Unicorn] (WIP)

Post by Steel Strike on Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:51 pm

If your still interested in joining, all you need is a finish tag, and maybe more onto your Backstory. ^_^ Also you'll need an Alignent, Nuetral, Rebel, Griffon, or undecided.
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