Griffon Headquarters

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Griffon Headquarters

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:11 pm

Griffon HQ: Centered in Downtown, in the old City Hall building.

When the griffons took the city, the first thing they did was set up an HQ. They leveled the adjacent buildings and set up barbed wire fencing and sentry posts. This serves as the heart of the griffon occupation in this region, which included the surrounding area, the ruins of ponyville, and the everfree forest. Here Feliks lives and works, managing the work camps, sending reports to the Tsar, and planning how to stop the Rebellion. Here is also where the barracks for the soldiers are located, in addition to the supply houses and armory. It is heavily guarded at all times, day and night, with nopony being allowed within fifteen feet, unless a special event is occurring.
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