Downtown Manehattan

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Downtown Manehattan

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:09 pm

Downtown: Central lower part, below the Park, bleeds into the southern most part residential districts on both sides.

This area was once a center for commerce and business. Today many skyscrapers still stand, most half as tall as they used to. They tower over the streets, casting and almost eerie shadow as the sun passes through the broken buildings. They also offer perfect hiding spots for griffons. Broken glass, and metal are piled on the sides of the broken street, its cement cracked and shattered. Still many ponies set up shop around here, all be it shady brothels, bars, or drug houses. This district is not to be trotted lightly. Many shady ponies and griffons alike stalk the back alleys night and day, looking for any potential victims. Coincidentally, in the center is where the griffon HQ is, surrounded by barbed wire and sentries.
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