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Post by bluestar on Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:18 pm

Name: Blue Star
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Occupation: Scientist/Researcher
Virtue: Patience
Special Talent: Inquisition
Minor Talents: fine control telekinetic magic

Height: 4' 5"
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Light Grey and blue
Eye color: Ice Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Large Blue Star

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Picture: Blue Star [Unicorn] Wyhrt11

Personality: If one word could be used to describe Blue Star, it would be inquisitive. It has always been his driving force in much of what he's done throughout life so far. But those that know him better would describe a stallion that is patient. Where others would eat the cookie dough, he would wait for it to be cooked. These traits are in part what has led him to be such a good scientist. Though to many he is also very quiet, only speaking when he has something worthwhile to say. This can make him awkward to be around at times, especially when he's working.

Growing up with a younger sister and a single mother, Blue Star is no stranger to responsibility and many consider him to be reliable and trust worthy. But he is not with out his own vices and flaws. He has a habit of not socialising with other ponies, though he is by no means incapable he just finds him self to be uncomfortable outside of his lab or apartment. He can also be very stubborn despite his patience.

History: As with most children of a young age, Blue Star was naturally inquisitive. The random spurts of magic he experience throughout his childhood, as with most young unicorns, only furthered his search for knowledge. Unlike most other young fillies and colts his age, as he grew up he didn't lose the spark of curiosity.

So it was that early on in his primary schooling while studying the stars, he received his cutie mark. One of the first in his class to earn the mark he spent the next couple of years researching cutie marks. It was during this time that he was selected to transfer to Canterlot and board at Princess Celestia's School for gifted Unicorns by an agent of the crown sent to survey rural areas for under privileged yet gifted unicorns.

There he excelled in his studies, showing a particular aptitude for telekinesis. His ability to minutely manipulate objects with his magic was unparalleled in his year. Following his two years at the school he graduated and applied to university branch of the school. There he eventually completed his masters in magical studies before going on to become a full time researcher. Having moved on from his childhood fascination with cutie marks, he devoted himself to probing the nature of magic and how ponies interacted with it. He also worked as a lecturer for the university, teaching advanced magic to third years.

His life continued on with little to interrupt it aside from a brief romantic interlude until the Griffon Nation attacked. Living and working in Canterlot, he was among the first in Equestria to encounter the invaders. Panic. Ponies running every where. He and the other professors gathered the students in the nearby school hall and barred the doors. For hours the Griffon's waged war outside. Eventually they were found as the attackers started doing door to door checks. Some of the professors and teachers put up a fight, needless to say they died. Blue Star is still haunted by the day that knowledge died. After all, what use does a warrior have for organised education?

Out of a job and with no one to turn too, he made for Manehatten. Perhaps he would find something to fill the void in his soul, in the ruins of the once great metropolis. Only time would tell.

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