Reflected Failure [Changeling]

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Reflected Failure [Changeling]

Post by Reflected Failure on Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:52 pm

Name: Reflected Failure
Species: Changeling
Gender: Female
Age: 18-21 she doesn't know.
Occupation: Rogue Scout
Virtue: She doesn’t know.
Special Talent: Sneaking
Minor Talent: Defense

Depends on the measurement, but shorter then the average mare.
Coat Color - Black
Tale/Mane Color - Cold blue with hints of Gray
Eye Color - Purple
Cutie Mark - She can't make them.
Around her neck is an old collar with the word “Prisoner” written on it. She also has a saddle bag but one of the two bags are torn open, so it cannot hold things.

-= What she can do =-
She’s a jack of all trades master of none… barely. She had the ability to use most basic spells but they’re weaker then the average ability.

Weak Energy Bolt - Generic magical blast shot from the horn leaves a small scorch mark where it hits, only has an effective range of 20 meters
Crash shield - Shield capable of taking high amount of kinetic damage, only covers from one side.
Drain Love - Can drain the love of a target(s)

-Combat skills-
She’s not good with weapons, she doesn’t shoot straight with a bow/crossbow.
She’s very poor when using most melee weapons having slightly more experience with spears… slightly.
She cannot fight hoof to hoof.

-Species abilities-
She cannot shape shift her entire form only parts for very short durations of time. Most of the time she just changes her voice.
Create Resin - She can generate a green ‘liquid’ that can be used to seal small holes and various other things.

-Other things-
She can not fly very fast due to having small wings, but maneuvers faster then most due to having a small form.
Most of her magic is laughable at best and will never be anything more due to major horn damage.

-= Personality =-
Reflected tends to be very open, being able to talk to anyone about anything yet very closed never actually talking about herself. When the topic of herself is brought up she'll answer but she carefully dances around the details, often eager to change the subject.

Like most changelings she eats love, but she only carefully takes what she needs. Not like she wants her allies fainting on the battlefield. Being a changeling she works well in a group and understands authority, and if there is none and no one to step up she will gladly take it. Even in the heat of combat.

Thought she tends to be occasionally depressing or blunt, she more often then not will put on a fake smile if only to keep her team happy and preferably moral boosted. Though unlike most changelings she has a hard time controlling her own emotions, thus making her fake smile break easily if the right (or in this case wrong) things are said.

Being alone on the other hand has horrid reactions, she's a coward, and looks at herself as useless when unable to support others. She will easily surrender if she is the only one around, be it, if her allies have all died, or if she was left alone somewhere to defend something. Eventually this could spiral into several other emotions as she easily gives up when alone and can become a victim of her own dark thoughts.

-= History =-
Where does one begin when talking of ones history? At birth, sense that is the beginning of their time, or before that? In this case, we'll just start from as far back as she can remember. Back when she a little Nymph, the runt of her peers and the worst of her class in a dieing hive under Manehatten. Through the time within the broken place called her hive she found how low she really was. Her magic was weak, she was slow, her form was small and she was more frail then most. While her caretaker made sure she was alright in the healthy sense, her caretaker could do nothing but discipline those that bullied and picked on her most of her life. This caused her to become secluded and untrusting yet still able to function in teams, and because of it, she was always last. Last one to get a rank, last one to learn to fly, last one to mature physically, last one selected, Last.

On her day of earning, the day when she is assigned a job in the hive, she was with a class a whole year younger then her. Due to her size, she was assigned the title scout, it was here that learned she would traveling to the edges of changeling territory, and beyond. When moving into the Scout barracks, like everywhere else she was an outcast and treated poorly. Her only ‘friends’ Were here team mates and they didn’t join in with their sibling, less she drag them down too. Thankfully she had a silver lining, it was here she began to dream of no longer failing, it was here where she no longer felt lost in her world. She learned more of places outside of the hive and how easy it was to take it from the other countries like the one that hide under called "Equestria".

Their first scouting mission would be why everyone laughed at her upon her delusional dreaming of taking enough love to feed everyone and become a hero. Upon venturing into Equestria she found most of the country in ruins. She didn’t understand why and was determined to find out, but those thoughts were cut short as a griffon patrol landed down ambushing them. It didn’t take long for the griffons to kill their opponents, changelings may be tough but they aren’t built for hoof to talon combat. Watching both of her team mates die and now outnumbered by five, she did the only thing she could think of. She surrendered.

After incapacitating the changeling, she woke up later within the cell of a prison in a griffon camp, that she would never know the name of. It was here that she learned she couldn’t transform, her magic and her connection to the hive had been severed by what she would latter learn was called "the mark" which was an alarmingly high amount of damage to the horn. It was here that the griffons would repeatedly drive her over the edge in to ‘magical backlash’ until she had damaged her own already weak magical abilities until it seemed like nothing remained. For nearly a year she had been beaten, tortured, broken, used, and left starved, her saviors were one of the griffon guards that showed an surprising amount of affection for her and the prisoners around her that thought of her as kin, more so then her own real kin did. It was only a few days short of her execution before they her escape began..

Her Escape was nothing special, one of the prisoners had awoken her in the middle of the night, by removing her rear leg and wing binds. He then handed her a massive griffon crossbow and told her to shoot the first moving griffon she saw. Upon walking out her cell she found that most of the prisoners had been freed and the guards that had been watching over them were dead. They had almost made it out, creeping through the hallways ambushing passing patrols. They had even ambushed the few sleeping griffons in the prison until one of the griffons spotted them in the courtyard and alerted the others.

From there it was hell, fighting everywhere. Griffon guards verses armed prisoners. During the fight she had run out of arrows, only getting lucky with killing the one griffon she had bothered to try and shoot at, soon it turned into the group rushing the door in a desperate attempt to force their way out, and they succeeded. As they rushed through the camp, lighting tents on fire and stabbing unarmed griffons they were stopped, in the time they had been running and fighting many of the griffons had armed themselves and highly outnumber the dwindling number of escapees. It ended up with the group scattering, if you could fly you did so, if you were ground bound you fought. As she flew she watched others around her die, pegasi and griffons getting shot out of the air, fighting blade to blade and wing to wing against each other.

Her last site was of a massive arrow and then a white wing enveloping her vision. When she awoke, she was in an empty bedroom of a mostly collapsed house, alone, cold and in pain.

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Re: Reflected Failure [Changeling]

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