Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes [Earthpony]

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Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes [Earthpony]

Post by Jimmy E. Brakes on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:07 pm

Name: Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes, or Jimmy Brakes, or J.B., or Jim E., or Jim, Jimmy, or Brakes.
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: Tram Operator
Virtue: Has impeccable taste for such a young one.
Special Talent: Knowing how to fix things, in ways that no sane pony would ever think of. (Essentially his skill points are all in Jury-rigging things. So, he doesn't have much intelligence, but he can look at something and figure out a way yo maybe-sorta-kinda fix it with, say, a rubber band, and some of those old nails he bent out of shape earlier.)
Minor Talents: Earth Pony strength, Good Taste in Fashion and Other Things, Breaking things in Highly Predictable Ways, and Use and Misuse of the Oddly Built and Poorly Conceived Implement of the Sledgehammer.
Alignment: He's somewhere inbetween rebel and neutral. He is a neutral, in the sense that he doesn't care so much about the whole rebelling schtick, but isn't to keen on being oppressed either. I'd say he was Chaotic Neutral, and would help a rebel if it was in his interest or he'd avoid repercussions.

Height: 4'2"
Coat Color: Redish Brown
Mane/Tail Color: Very pale Purple
Eye color: Green
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Sledgehammer


Personality: Jimmy is a cool, collected individual, with a taste for nice things and a level head. His drummer plays to a different beat, and isn't into the crowds and millin' about that the ponies seem to keen on. At any rate, he's got the level head not to freak out when everyone seems to be keen on blowing their tops. So what if he seems a bit distant? That never stopped a colt from livin' his life despite all this crazy shit going on. Maybe a level head is just what the doctor ordered.

To others he can come off as abrasive and aloof. He isn't to keen on listenin' to your chump problems, and would prefer if you'd just keep on keeping on. He does enjoy good company though, like any civilized fella. He just don't like the kind of company who's prone to bringing home trouble and gettin' in messy affairs. Those cats are on their own as far as he is concerned. If your a chill colt or mare, lookin' for a good time to just let all your worries go, give Jimmy a call, he'll know whatya can do.

History: He's been a Manehatten kid his whole life, born and raised. He had a good upbringing as far as a Manehattenite's can go, what with the oppression and whatnot. His parent's made due, they never got into any trouble, and they fed their kids. He grew up in this environment, and took it for granted that he'd be fine.

As he got older, he started lookin' for work, trying to help his ma and pa provide and all. He found work with some of the seedier parts of society, running illicit goods and smuggling things that no foal should associate themselves with. He got out of that quick, finding a paying job with the tram operators, where he developed a keen talent for repairing the rustbuckets. So hey, maybe he aint some hotshot pony with a G.I. haircut and prim and polish attitude- but he gets by, you know?
Jimmy E. Brakes
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Re: Jimmyrigs Emilio Brakes [Earthpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:58 am

Approved. Keep an eye on the Macgyver act though.
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