Theera Dune [Earthpony]

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Theera Dune [Earthpony]

Post by Theera on Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:39 am


Name: Theera dune
Species: earhtpony
Gender: female
Age: 28
Occupation: missionary
Virtue: Discipline
Special Talent: survives long without water and food (Desert pony)
Minor Talents: Making food, small medical knowledge
Alignment: neutral


Height: 4'4"
Coat Color: yellow like sand
Mane/Tail Color: red
Eye color: orange
Cutie Mark: pyramid with sun moon and mars



Theera didn´t need much to live.
She was born in the desert and knows how to survive with as few things as pssible.
Greed is a complete foreign word for her.
Only one thing is importend for theera: her religion.
Theera is a very disciplined in her religion.
Her complete striving is for her religion to find more followers.

She is very polite to everyone.
Theera doesent hate the griffons, in her religion every living thing is equal in the view of the creators.
But she dislike the new laws, wich make it impossible for her to leave equestria.
She doesent know if the griffons attacked the desert ponies too.
she hopes the doesent. but the uncertainty dresses her.


Long time ago, a small group of ponies left equestria. They wanted to explore the world and its secrets.
The group was formed out of earthponies,Pegasi and unicrons.They travaled to the Zebra kingdom, and still over its borders.
Behind the zebra kingdom were only deserts and Canyons. They traveld more than 4 weeks. Some ponies died of the heat , others from the strain. But they all had known the risk before they startet the jurney. Their water and food got scare and they havent found a Oasis to fill their bottles. They had known they were doomed to die in the desert. The group had gotten small and only a few ponies were still alive. when suddenly they all saw an apparition of a creature wich looked a bit like an alicorn, but it was bigger and bright. The pony survivors followed the creature to a mysterius building wich was build near an oasis. then the "ghost" disappeared. The group startet to fill their bottles and drink the fresh water. The creature saved their live. But they didn´t know what is was, niether they had known something about the building. They inspected the outside from the building. The buidling had four sides wich were triangels that all met at the top. One pony found an entrance to the pyramid and so a group of them walked in it. it was dark, they lit some torches and explored the inside. all the walls were painted with symbols and pictures of creatures wich looked like the "ghost" they have seen. They started to build a small hamlet named Pyreha near the oasis and tried to understand the symbols in the pyramid.

The symbols mentioned a higher race, wich cames from another world, wich was symboled as a red planet. The race was very powerfull and created the first life on earth. They created every living thing on earth. Plants and animals. The griffons, the Zebras and many other races. Either the ponies were made by them. Every race lived with them in harmony and praised their gods. They gave them their loyality and helped the gods to build this world. But the griffons went away from their gods to live in their own land. They didn´t wanted to live together with the other Races. So the Zebras and other races did the same. The gods got sad and decided to leave this planet. The ponies, wich were the last followers of the gods, had to live for their own, the Gods decided. The gods left the earth and went back to their own World. The ponies were shocked and didn´t know how they could live without theis gods. One god, who liked the ponies as his favorite Race, went back and created the first alicorns, wich were meant to lead the ponies instedead of the creators. The Alicorns guidet the ponies to a far land where they all could live together.

Theera was born in the desert city as child of an old priest. Her father told her everything about the Prophecies and the old creators. She was very interested in the old stories and wanted to become a priest like her father. Her father send Theera and a group of young ponies out to bring the stories of the creators to everypony in equestria. She was nervous but very excited, when she got her first mission. Theera wandered throught the lands and finally arrived in Equestria. Theera was just in a speech of the creators, when the first attack of the griffons happend. She fleed out of town and lived outside of any town for the time of the war. Ater the war Theera wanted to get back to her home, but the new griffon laws didn´t alow her to leave the land. So she wanders around to find away to get back to her Home. Maybe the "rebels" she heard of, could help her to get back.

// The Desert Ponies \\

Pyreha is a very small town, only around hundred ponies live there. Its the only town in the desert. All Desert ponies are believeing in the creators and are very religious. Pyreha has no soldiers, They only know some selfdefence to survive against some creatures of the desert. To live in the desert is very hard. They have a little oasis, but around them is only desert. They learnd to live in the desert and to live with the desert. They know how to grow food and how to make medicine out of the few things they have. Desert ponies are very tough.

Nov 7 sundown Arrival of a Missionary
Nov 8 The next day
Nov 8 Making Preperations
Nov 9 A Painful Announcment
Nov 9 The right decision?

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Re: Theera Dune [Earthpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:57 pm

Approved! Sand for the sand gods!
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