Golden Dream [Earthpony]

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Golden Dream [Earthpony]

Post by Golden Dream on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:30 am

Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 9 and 1/2
Occupation: Cutie Mark Crusader
Virtue/Vice: Highly emotional
Special Talent: Undiscovered
Minor Talents: Inventiveness, Intuition
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 1'8"
Coat Color: Golden Yellow
Mane/Tail Color: Magenta with a White Stripe
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: None Yet


Personality: Golden Dream is an earth pony who dreams of being a pegasus. She so thoroughly believes she should be a pegasus, that she refuses to believe that becoming one will not happen. This has created a kind of disconnect and depression that always sits inside of her. She can also be quick to emotion because of this, especially when she is told by others that she can't do something.

Normally she is a kind, open, caring, optimistic pony with a skill at inventing new things, and a natural intuition for understanding. However, because of her dream, she has become a shy, uncertain, pessimistic pony, who is starting to believe that she will never be a pegasus, and does not understand why.

History: Golden Dream was born to two weather ponies in the middle of the war. Her parents were weather soldiers and fought hard before her birth, but after their only child was born, they slowly left the war effort. There was no shame in what they did, though they wish they could have fought more. Her father was wounded severely in one of the fights. He now walks with a permanent limp, and is not as good a flier as he used to be. This was what they used to leave the army and settle in Manehatten, keeping their heads low until the war ended. Now they do odd jobs around the area, performing weather and cleaning duties. Trying to provide for three mouths is hard, and they are constantly working.

Golden doesn't remember the war at all. To her, life has always been in the Manhatten community she lives in. Her parents do their best to keep her safe and provide for her, but because they have to work so much, Golden has become quite the latchkey kid. Together with her friends Fire Ruby and Chestnut, they explore Manehatten, playing games, and sometimes getting into trouble. Her Inventiveness and Intuition provide her the tools necessary for being able to get out of sticky situations, ones that her friends are so good at getting into. Luckily Mr. Klockwerk helps her and her friends out, acting as her godfather.

Being an Earth Pony with Pegasus parents, she is confused about her identity. She believes with all her heart that she will be, in fact that she is a pegasus, just not bloomed yet. However, now that years have been going by with this belief, she has been becoming sad and depressed about it. She wants nothing more than to be able to fly like her parents. She tries her best to hide this from others, putting on a facade of shyness and complacency. She does not want others to know how she feels, not until the day when she can fly. Her friends can tell something is wrong, but she has not told them either.
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Re: Golden Dream [Earthpony]

Post by Double Edge on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:22 pm

I like, you have my foal approval....I know bad joke, anyways yeah Golden's approved.
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