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String Chord [Pegasus]

Post by String Chord on Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:38 am

Name: String Chord
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Traveling Bard
Virtues: Selflessness
Special Talent: High Quantity of Morale
Minor Talents: Can cook (What?! A male?! COOKING?!)

Height: Around 140cm (4'7)
Coat color: Olive green
Mane & Tail color: Crimson
Eye color: Dark purple
Cutie Mark: White Cup of tea with a red five point star drawn on the cup.


Wears glasses 'cause he's walleyed

A simple camping spot
At the smith
Another day in the clinic
A day in the park
A bardic supper
Building a future
Visiting hours at St. Mercy's
High Alert
Musical Interventions
Guide to the Undermarket
Art Never Dies
The Search for the cure
Let's start a riot!!

Personality: This is your normal socially awkward pony that's been alone for the most of his life, trying to avoid problems and find friends to share his pain with. He is a thinker, meaning a lot of stuff comes in and through his mind. He would spend hours, sometimes days on thinking up solutions that would cause less bloodshed...

...Until you anger him. When you do, you don't want to be near him. Being thick nerved, a reaction underneath his endurable nervous system would be jaw dropping. Being bullied disrespected by the upper classes that had special treatments from the griffins, the moment he reaches the breaking point, there is no turning back until he spilled enough blood. Victory he will celebrate, defeat he will take, and revenge he will serve when you expect it the least. Nopony, except for the Norns, knows what String hides behind those big eyes of his.

History: When he was a colt, he was mostly alone. picked on by richer ponies than that of himself. Mocked for being crosseyed. He'd remain in the shadows of his school for the most of his life until he met his first friend. The first pony that understood his every word, and bothered to look beyond his eyes, and into his soul. He'd spend days with him after school, hours talking about the brave ponies of the past, and victory that lies ahead.

After hearing about the rebellion from that good friend, he started writing Skaldic songs about the courage of Equestria, to inspire the freedom fighters. Once, a Griffon entered a pub he was preforming in and recognized the metaphores. The griffin was about to slay him, when his good friend hopped in front of the blade, letting String flee out of his home town Stalliongrad. He roams the lands of Equestria, preforming, raising morale with his stories of success and victory. Waiting for the moment to serve his revenge.

After years of travel throughout the occupied Equestria, he grew stronger, his blood boiling with anger and thirst for revenge, not even death could stop him now, revenge will be his, even if it costs him his life. In the proicess, he obtaiend a dagger in which he engraved Svarog's (Go of fire, smiths, and the allfather) circule on it to keep it strong and unbreakable. But with that, he put a curse on it, it's his weapon and it'd do much more harm against him. One cut, and he's in mortal danger..
String Chord
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