Klockwerk [Earthpony]

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Klockwerk [Earthpony]

Post by Klockwerk on Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:29 pm

Name: Klockwerk
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Toymaker
Vice: Cynicism
Special Talent: Clockwork contraptions; specifically toys.
Minor Talents: Amateur hoof-boxer
Alignment: Neutral

Height: Four feet, five inches
Coat Color: Light green
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Grey
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Three gears

Picture: [img][/img]
Cynical to a fault, this young Earth Pony stallion was born and raised in Manehatten. Untrusting around all, he keeps a half grin on his face at all times. He learned that frowns don't equal sales in his profession.

An aura of cold surrounds this aloof toymaker; those around him often deride his all-too-aloof attitude. He is not loyal, as growing up in a city where trust kills you has sealed that trait in his skull. He will never sell someone out to a griffon if he knows them. Other than that, it's best to keep running past his little shop if you're in trouble.

History: Born and raised in Manehatten, Klockwerk was fathered and brought up alone by a legendary watchmaker; Gear Ticker. Raised in the shop, he learned early on what his talent was; making instruments of laughter and joy. One of the first in his class to get his cutie-mark, he wore it with pride for his entire school career. After school, Klockwerk went straight into toy-making, setting up a successful partnership with his father. This was right when the war began; Klockwerk was 15.

Young enough to escape the initial draft, Klockwerk worked ever more furiously to keep up with demand. Fathers on leave wanted presents for their children, in case they never came home again. Widows wanted a miniature of their lost husband or wife that would never age or rust.

For Klockwerk had one, major edge over the competing toymakers in the business; his father taught him to make the smallest gears, the finest springs, and as-close-to-perfect mechanisms possible. Klockwerk took his fathers lessons further. Combining his special talent, and his father's watchmaking, he made the first ever mobile automaton that could fit in your hoof.

Dragonflies with whirring wings of cloth, and innards of bronze; a cat with a recorded meow; he even experimented with prosthetic limbs during the war. However, he could never figure out how to link them to a pony, so that they would be fully operable, replacement limbs.

As the war went on, sales plummeted. Ponies didn't want luxuries like toys, or baubles, they needed food. And when the war came to his doorstep, Klockwerk hid in the basement with Gear Ticker, muffling the screams and cries of the slain with their hooves. When the siege was over, they continued on with their lives.

As Klockwerks father grew older, and weaker, Klockwerk needed to make ends meet. Taking up underground pit-fighting, he learned quickly how to fight to win with his natural strength, and craftsman's eye for precision.

As the twelfth year passed since the war began, and the fourth since it ended, Klockwerk faces a dilemma. Does he go out every night, leaving his father alone, and risk capture and enslavement, or worse at the hands of the griffons? Or does he break out of who he is, and ask for help? He doesn't know.

But does anyone truly know?

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Re: Klockwerk [Earthpony]

Post by Steel Strike on Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:50 pm

Approved. Go ahead and post in introductions thread and you can go ahead and RP.
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