Bow Strings [Unicorn]

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Bow Strings [Unicorn]

Post by Bow Strings on Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:14 pm

Age: Not sure how a pony calculates it but if we’re doing human years. 24
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Occupation: Viola player/Archer
Cutie Mark: Broken Bow (Instrument kind)
Vice: Hatered
Alignment: Neutral

-=Physical Description=-
Is about the size of a normal mare, though a bit heavy due to muscles forming from carrying her bass around with her all time. Her coat is Steel Blue and her hair long straight and burgundy. Around her neck is a collar with a little golden link for the buckle to hold it together. Her back is covered by the casing for her viola and is held to her body by a strap. All four of her hooves are slightly armored with thin yet sturdy pieces of metal that coat them.

-=What she can do=-
She’s decent with hoof to hoof combat, due to her equipment and her natural physical strength but doesn’t prefer it due it tending to get messy, if her hoof guards or horseshoes go missing she’ll downright avoid it due to being unable to get hurt. Instead she uses a Viola-Crossbow. The mixture between a cello string instrument and a cross bow, by pulling the firing cord back on it when fed with magic, it will release energy bolts based on the frequency of the note played. The high pitched the stronger, the lower the pitch the further it will go. The longer she plays a note the stronger it will become until it forces itself from her grip due to pressure build up, while taxing on her magical abilities it is powerful. It also makes a good hammer when necessary.

She tends to have a dead personality, she may occasionally make jokes but never laughs at them. Though she may be light hearted and easy to get along with it’s hard to understand her due to the lack of facial expressions or major changes in vocal tones she makes. She also has a hint of dyslexia.

Silence tends to be he path she travels as she doesn't talk to her she can move around silently but there is obviously those that are quieter. She has a large detest for griffons due to her own reasons, which she tends to keep to herself. The longer she gets to know a pony, the more you will see actually change in vocal expression and facial expression but if a newer pony were to enter the fray she would resume her 'stony' look.

Grew up quiet and alone, she was the daughter of a single mother who was trying to find work in the already rough music industry. Money and food was scares, this caused them to hop from place to place, sadly the (at the time) filly picked up on her mothers and heroes habits. While Octavia wasn’t what one would call a hero, she called her one because of how the mare treated the filly giving her three pieces of candy and 5 bits.

Once she hit the age of later teenage the griffons had attacked, though she didn’t live in Canterlot at that time, she did witness many battle and eventually was forced into service after it’s second year. It was here she learned she was a natural at shooting bringing into question of, if she hadn’t been forced into music what would her cutie mark have been? Needless to say during the remainder of the two year war she crafted her art as an archer but still loved making music. Once the war was over she had decided to hide away with the rest of the contingent she was with.

During this time they spent several month underground before raiding a small caravans and stealing supplies thus being labeled Bandits and thieves. One of her friend who later ended up being the next to die crafted a weapon. He always liked her music, but she had little time to play at the time, so he craft Epsen, a Viola-Crossbow, which tapped into her magical power, allowing her to use her magic, her trained talent and her natural talent. Slowly the group was picked off by the defending griffons making it harder and harder to get supplies to live off of eventually leave the two of them. Her and one of her friends who were hurt.

At first it was alright, she was helping Front Line recover. Giving him a majority of her rations, keeping watch, but she couldn’t get more alone, so she practiced her music on her weapon. By the end of the first month she was forced to put her ability to work, a group of griffon soldier had found them, after killing three she found that it was more then just a group. All of this for two ponies? Eventually they separated her from Front Line, killing him. It was there she discovered a new level of hatred for griffons. After killing a fourth and fleeting she began to wander the streets without purpose, often hiding in buildings an sniping patrols with the weapon she had become so good with.

That brings us to the present which she currently has made it her hobby
Bow Strings
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Re: Bow Strings [Unicorn]

Post by Steel Strike on Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:29 am

Accepted. Feel free to post in introductions and join the RP.
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