Quicksilver [Pegasus] [Death by Serial Killer]

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Quicksilver [Pegasus] [Death by Serial Killer]

Post by Quicksilver on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:27 am

Name: Quicksilver
Species: Pegasus
Age: 33
Occupation: None
Virtue/Vice: Anger
Special Talent: Collection of data by observation
Minor Talents: Swinging axes, cooking
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 4'4"
Coat Color: Light gray
Mane/Tail Color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Microscope


Personality: Quicksilver presently suffers from a range of psychological conditions.(these conditions being primarily survivor's guilt and heavy stress). As such, he is highly aggressive and nearly constantly angry. However, this does not reach the point of insanity; while he is often in such an emotional state, he still possesses a reasonable degree of sanity and awareness of the world around him, and only experiences some difficulty, rather than total inability, to apply logic.
Besides this, some traits of who he was before this still appear. For one, he is willing and able to accept changes in his understanding of seemingly constant facts (for example, if presented with proof that a close friend has betrayed him, he will at least accept it as a strong possibility; if he was given pure, solid, honest proof that gravity didn't exist, he would accept it). This is not to say that he is entirely gullible; while he does accept many facts when given irrefutable proof, he will keep his previous stance until he is given proof of the alternative.
He also retains concepts of morality and decency, and though he is looser with regards to theft and violence, he respects that violence should not be waged against youth or other innocents when it can be helped, by either himself or others.
His mental state is susceptible to temporary change; he is vulnerable to additional stress, and breaks down when there is too much; and relief of any of any of his three conditions reveals a hint of the former, much happier pony within, though only temporarily; after becoming relaxed, he will be again immersed in stressful conditions.

History: Quicksilver grew up in the village of Stratusford, a very small cloud settlement which was closely associated with a nearby farming village, Wheatenburg both of which were a significant distance away from the major cities. Stratusford Pegasi managed the weather for Wheatenburg, using a combination of stored Cloudsdale weather and independently produced clouds.
Quicksilver earned his Cutie Mark together with a foalhood friend, a unicorn filly who, though she didn't assist in the growth of the crops, still assisted in their management and harvest. The two received their cutie marks for each of their parts in Quicksilver's studies of some of the ideal conditions for wheat crops to grow healthy; while it was also his task to provide the weather-related conditions, it was specifically for his skill in careful research that he earned his Mark.
Several years on, during the War, both villages assembled basic defenses and prepared for their towns' invasions. This turned out to be a few years into the war, at which point the defenses had become decent but the residents less fearful of potential invasion; thus when the griffon soldiers did inevitably arrive, they did so prepared for reasonable defense, and fought against surprised, largely unarmed ponies. The settlements were quickly taken.
Quicksilver himself was outside at the time, in the farm's fields with his now- fillyfriend. When they first sighted any sign of attack, it was from a pair of griffons advancing on them aggressively as they patrolled the fields. The griffons eliminated the presumed greater threat first, the magic-wielding unicorn, in front of Quicksilver's eyes. Out of a combination of panic and his witnessing her whispered desire that he flee, he quickly flew away from the pair; as a young Pegasus assisting with the weather management work and fleeing for his life, he managed to outfly the single griffon with its restrictive armor weighing it down, though the advantage was only slight.
His flight led him eventually to a seemingly abandoned cabin, filled with preserved food. Taking some of this food for himself in order to avoid starvation, he rested in the cabin's bed, only for a griffon to appear, who had claimed the cabin for itself. Quicksilver panicked, and reacted to its presence by collapsing the old wooden cabin on top of the griffon. He salvaged from the cabin some uncrushed food and the griffon's axe, though found no protective wear to salvage for any purpose; the implication of this for him, that the griffon who had no military armor may have been a normal citizen, only occurred to him later.
From here, he made his way traveling through the lands, stealing to survive and assaulting in the names of self-defense or food, with increasing frequency. When he did steal, it was less often a case of stealth and patience, but rather a blunt break-in, a retrieval of valuables or food, and flight. Over time, he became increasingly aggressive, as the guilt of the death of the griffon at the cabin and of his flight from Stratusford developed, along with the stress of his lifestyle and the war all taking their toll.
Eventually, he made his way to Manehattan, which was the first significantly-sized city he'd found at the time, and so rather than move on, he stayed there, moving around within the city surviving similar to how he had previously, targeting mostly griffon military establishments. When the rebellion appeared, he quickly and eagerly joined, though he maintains his independence as well. His current state of living is unstable, his income being largely dependent on crime and his place of sleep being entirely inconstant.

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Re: Quicksilver [Pegasus] [Death by Serial Killer]

Post by Galactic Blaze on Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:28 pm

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