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Shadowstrike [Unicorn]

Post by Syron on Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:12 am

Basic Information:
Name: Shadowstrike, Shade for short
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (13.12.-22)
Occupation: No official occupation, she does what she needs to do to survive.
Virtue: Loyalty
Special Talent: Can summon six throwing stars and has a knack for stealth magic.
Other Talents: Sneaking, climbing, picking locks, good with throwing weapons.

Height: About 4', maybe a little smaller
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Ruby
Usual Clothing: Practically always wears a simple black cloak covering her whole body, including tail.
Cutie Mark: Two fading throwing stars

Picture: (Unfortunately I can do nothing else than pony creator)(Thanks to Scintillance for the CM)

Spells and Equipment:
Spell - Rising Shadows: Basically light absorbtion. In an area around her, everything becomes darker. It requires more energy the more light is absorbed, she definitely can't blacken out an entire room at daylight levels. However, if light levels are already low, she can make herself pretty much invisible.

Weapon - Throwing Stars: Those weapons are her's, in every possible meaning you could come up with. She can summon them at will, and only Shade can control them, foreign magic has no effect. They are "throwing" stars, but are handled by telekinesis alone. Though, since Shade can't completely eradicate the glow (which could be a warning to her victims), she often just gives her weapons enough speed and then cuts the connection. While being actively controlled, the shurikens are pretty much extensions of her body, she has an enormous control over them, compared to the levitation of other objects.

Weapon - Throwing knifes: For the case her shurikens aren't available for some reason Shade carries three throwing knifes. Her mastery of those is on par with the shurikens, but they don't have the telekinesis amplification. That's not important however, because as long as Shade has magic, she usually also has her shurikens.

Weapon - Shadowfang: Normally Shade prefers fighting from the distance, but from time to time thing's are not going her way. While she is not the best fighter when it comes to CQC, she does know how to work with her combat knife, Shadowfang. The weapon was crafted by Quicksteel, one of Shade's now dead friends. The black blade is engraved with Shade's cutie mark on one side and Quicksteel's on the other, a winged hammer.

Misc: Usually she has some picklocks, if she has to get in somewhere.

Weapon harness: Another item made by an old friend of hers, Jade. It fits well enough thad Shade hardly notices it, and holds her equipment while it's not needed. Apart from her knifes and picklocks, it also provides holders for her six shurikens, if she wants to keep them summoned.

Shadowstrike loves the night. No, to be more correct: She loves the darkness. Her coat color makes in naturally easy for her to hide in the shadows, and she makes much use of it. She loves to sneak around, especially when there's a real danger around. But whatever this danger may be, it better stays in the light. While sneaking around is fun, using her skills for a fight is what Shade really calls living.
The only more important thing than this thrill are her friends. She normally makes it clear that her trust has to be earned, but in return she's willing to give everything when a friend needs her.

Shadowstrike relies more on logic than intuition if she has a choice - meaning enough knowledge about the situation - and she does that to a degree that she trained herself to blind out her emotions almost entirely when necessary. This habit may make it easier to find a solution, but depending on the foundation this solution relies on, not everypony may like the result. Shade doesn't care much about ponies she doesn't know, they're no important factor, and when somepony annoys her, she can be fast with making sure that this pony stays away in the future. However, that doesn't mean she isn't friendly and polite when meeting somepony she simply doesn't know, at least as long as she doesn't want to stay unseen. Otherwise her first reaction could easily be a blade against the throat until she has decided if she should regard the other pony a threat or not.

If she has nothing to do, she reads a lot of fiction, other books are mostly ignored if they don't promise a nice stealth spell to add to her collection, which doesn't happen very often.

In her foalhood, Shade believed life was boring. Her magical talent gave her a place in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and she was supposed to take over her parents' business: They were book makers, not really a exciting job. General disinterest caused the school grades to be merely good enough to pass, she had no reason to learn all that boring stuff, even though she certainly had the brainpower to do so. In her spare time, she spent hardly single thought on her homework, but was out for some kind of adventure, whatever it may be.

One day, she suddenly got more adventure than she would have wished for. She was strolling through an old warehous, together with her pegasus friend Skylight, when the first griffon attack began. They didn't notice before enemy warriors stormed the building, and two young ponies simply were no opponent to trained griffons. Shade had always been good at hiding, and so they seemed to be lucky at first, but before it was over, they were spotted by one last griffon taking a final look around. In panic the unicorn used her magic to throw everything she could find at the attacker, wishing for some kind of weapon, and without knowing where they had come from, suddenly found six throwing stars floating around her. However, fate wasn't kind to her that day: While her new weapons allowed Shade to eventually escape, she first had to see Skylight being impaled by the Griffon's spear.
Her one true friend (at that time) dead, she didn't have anything to be happy about when she noticed her cutiemark had appeared. And to top it off, when she returned home she had to learn that her parents were among the casualties as well.

The following years were spent wandering through Equestria, doing whatever was needed to survive. At first she was controled by her rage towards the griffons, but after this almost would have cost another friend's life, she changed almost completely and locked every unwanted emotion away. In some way, that made her even deadlier than she already was, but despite being not very social, she has managed to build a small circle of friends. Her friends only should be fine with tha fact that she won't settle down somewhere, she's always wandering. Or hunting, if she has a target...

Pre-Reset Timeline (partly invalid) :
November 12, shortly after midnight: As Bright as Dull can be
November 12, at dawn: Of old friends and new ones
November 12, forenoon: Figuring out this mess
November 12, about noon: After the Fall
November 12, evening, before 6 pm: Guide to the Undermarket
November 12, 6 pm: Rebellion is Brewing
November 12, branching from Rebellion is Brewing: To be or not to be a rebel
November 13, before dawn: What we've learned today
November 14, late afternoon/evening: Arrival of a messenger
November 14, evening: Shattered
November 15, morning till evening: Haunted
November 15, late night: Greetings from the dark
November 17, morning: Lost and found again
November 20, evening: Back for More?
November 20, late evening/night: Going Fowling
November 23, Morning: For Freedom of Mind

Current Timeline:
Year 4, Dec 7 - Two Lives
Shade and Scrapper talk about their past, and discover that their lives had been strangely entwined. One of the revelations turns out to be more than Shade could easily handle.

Year -11 - Shady Spare Time Activities
Shade, Skylight and Scintillance head into the Everfree. That can only go wrong.
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