Onyx [Diamond Dog]

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Onyx [Diamond Dog]

Post by Onyx on Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:57 pm

Species: Diamond Dog
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Unemployed
Virtue/Vice: Cowardice. Onyx believes in the rebels cause, but is rarely in open fights, and mainly uses guerrilla warfare. His cowardice gives him deeper thought, but in some cases can cause him to panic, and trap himself. Furthermore, Onyx almost has a need for allies to use or depend on. He will go to great lengths to see that he has an ally or two because of both his cowardice, and pack mentality. His cowardice does not allow him to become arrogant, as he always fears another attack.
Minor Talents: used to working in dark tunnels, Onyx does have better night vision, or is at least not as hopelessly lost as an earth pony while totally submerged in darkness. He is also good at making traps. Not the best, as some are prone to failure, or going off at the wrong time, but his paranoia makes sure that he is far away if they do fail. Like all Diamond Dogs, Onyx can dig through solid rock with his claws, and can make tunnels that do not need supports. He is not very strong though, and cannot rely on physical fights, unless the odds are extremely in his favor. Furthermore, he is able to fill in his holes quite quickly, but not as much as most. His hearing and nose are somewhat sensitive, making them both a strength and weakness.
Alignment: Rebellion (slightly lawful neutral)

Height: 5'3"
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: black
Eye color: yellow

Picture: (pictures are not required, but are highly recommended)

(original image from Mickeymonster on deviant art)

Personality: Onyx is a relatively cowardly diamond dog who is set in traditionalist ways. He is extremely loyal to his kin, and generally distrusts other species. While he does not hate any species, he certainly does not trust many either. He sees ponies as 'prey' who are meant to be used, griffons as disruptors and traitors to the natural order. Because of his sheltered life, he is generally uneducated, but street smart.

Onyx by nature is greedy, and is slightly impatient, but these are tempered by his use of guerrilla warfare against griffins and his determination to restore harmony (even if for his own desires). Onyx does not see himself as a leader, rather a follower, and will not accept a role of leadership. He, without allies becomes paranoid of the outside world, and begins to act rashly. Onyx is not clever, and is generally very straightforward, to a fault. He does not often understand implications, rather attempting to take the situation head on (in his own way). Overall, his demeanor is best meant for a scout. His paranoia only extends to things he does not trust and he trusts his allies (even if he does not like them).


The Stone Clan – One of the more obscure clans of Diamond Dogs, and one of the few mystical clans. They are currently located near the town of Appleoosa, and strangely do not interfere with the local pony population despite their description of ponies as “Good worker”. They have strong ties with Chief Thunderhooves and his group of Buffalo, known to the Stone Clan as “Riders of Plains”. There appears to be some sort of trade set up between the two as the Buffalo supply food, and the Stone Clan supplies turquoise. The Stone Clan’s name originates from two events in their history. The first is because of their history with Discord, known to the clan as One in Stone. The actual tale of what happened is currently unknown, because the Stone Clan does not wish to share the story with “weak Pony”. However, the major theory is that the Shamans were corrupted by Discord’s words long ago, and Discord is both loved and feared by the tribe now, as he is to bring about the end of the world because of the “Defilers” whoever they are. This relates to the second event, which caused the major rift between the Stone Clan, and Alpha of Alphas. The Stone Clan believes that stones have the ability to talk, and can predict the future. While there are several predictions made by the Stone Clan Shamans, they were often too cryptic and predicted far too early to be utilized correctly. However, the “powers” of the Shamans is disputed, as they cannot predict the near future, saying the “stones do not wish to speak of this matter”. Furthermore, it is unknown how many predictions were actually made, and if translated correctly, whether or not it was actually predictions, or simply guessing and making the predictions so vague they fit the future. Other clans speak of them simply as “Barking mad” and are often reported to sit in dark tunnels for days. On a stranger note, they often avoid the Canterlot area, as there is too much “screaming, calling to us, so lonely, but so angry” Overall, the Stone Clan is relatively peaceful, if somewhat xenophobic and is not a threat to national security.

cited from: Appendix – pg. 934 Political Groups of Equestria and Beyond

Onyx was the third pup of five, making him the middle pup. His childhood is relatively mysterious, often working with the Shamans about the past, but Onyx could never quite grasp what the Shamans did. He worked also with the warriors of the clan, only mastering fist-fighting. He survived through the encounter with Discord, saying “One in Stone call to me, I must speak with Alpha”. After the war, and the subsequent fleeing of the clan due to the Shamans declarations of the “Defilers”. Once the Stone Clan found refuge in an abandoned changeling cavern, Onyx was tasked with going out into the world and seeing what was going on. He was to report back. However, Onyx had other plans. One in Stone had called to him and he would heed it. He was not sure what it was about, but he would stay until he could meet his master. While meditating, he heard a scream from among the rocks, coming from the direction towards the Clan’s new home. It sounded like screaming, and an insect’s clicking. He knew after that that his clan was gone. He now wanders Equestria, trying to find the rebels, and restore the “Old Ways” and meet his master. The Old Ways are the relationship the Stone Clan had with the Buffalo before the war.

Current Situation: Without a home, allies, or a plan, Onyx makes his way to Manehattan to find the rebels and take down the griffins. He is in desperate need of information about where the rebels are located, and is traveling underground.


Unknown Date (sunset): Entered city with Scrapper T. Ferrous..
Nov 3 Year 4, Boxing like clockwork, discovering the Undermarket
Sunday, November 12, Sunset-Night: Underground, guiding Greyscale and companions to Undermarket.
Nov 12, Year 4, The Rebellion is Brewing, Onyx joins the rebellion.

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Re: Onyx [Diamond Dog]

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