Tess Stripe [Zony] (Complete)

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Tess Stripe [Zony] (Complete)

Post by Theera on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:00 pm


Name: Subject 12 ( Tess Stripe )
Species: Zony (Zebra + Pony)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: On an Escape from a griffon laboratory
vice: Shyness
Special Talent: No special talent known
Minor Talents: fits through small passes


Height: 4"
Eye Color: Orange
Coat Color: Green with white stripes
Mane/Tail Color: dark Red/dark yellow
Cutie Mark: "12"



Tess is a very taciturn Zony, because she never learned how to deal with others.
She tries to avaoid the contact with others, because of her small vocabulary.
She knos she isnĀ“t like others and therefore she has inferiority complexes.
she lived on the run for 2 years, complete lonessme.

Although Tess is seventeen, she is very childlike.
She fears the griffons, because of the cruel things they have done with her, she still remembered.
The experiments really took it out of her, by which she got paranoia, anxiety states and physical pain.
Sometimes she hallucinates and sinks in trance, in wich she sees creepy creatures.
Then she begans biting and kicking around ,because she thinks everything she is seeing is real.


Tess Stripe was born in a griffon laboratory deep in the griffon kingdom. She never met her parents, she just grew up in the laboratory as a science project.
She got injections, pills and she was part in many other tests. Mostly she felt very sick after the tests for a couple of weeks.
She became paranoid, got haluzinations and often migrane. At night she has visions and nightmares, which doesn't disapear when she wakes up.
She never had real contact to other ponies, only in some tests to check some mind-altering drugs.
She tried to have normal conversations, but sometimes the drugs made her agressiv and then she attacked the other ponies.

In one experiment something went extremely wrong. She got an injection, without knowing the effect of it.
Afterwards she was brought into a testchamber with another pony. In the beginning everything went well.
She tried to talk to the pony, but then something changed. She got very angry and began to bite the other pony, who couldn't defeat her.
It was very bloody and when the scientists tried to abort the experiment it was to late. The other pony died from his blood loss in the chamber.

After a similar failure gots avoided, they decided to stop the experiments with her.
At first they arrested her.,but then they wanted to kill her. They anaesthetized her, but it didn't worked, because of the many injections before.
She played unconscious till a chance to escape appeard. She chew through her hoofcuffs and climbed in an air shaft.
They searched for her for three days, but they couldn't find her.

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