Rationale's Dwelling [Closed]

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Rationale's Dwelling [Closed]

Post by Rationale on Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:22 pm

It wasn't much, but it was home. Brown eyes stared ahead at the shanty ahead of him, his own house that he created over time. Rusty metal roof, a curtain for a door, while wood was fashioned underneath the metal to create a makeshift house. It was a studio at best, with a kitchen and a living room taking up the whole room. However, it was big enough, probably to the point that it could be a good target for the griffins.

A makeshift bookshelf remained against the wall, turned around so that the books could not be seen by visitors. The types of books that Rationale had would be capable of beheading him, but he couldn't get rid of them. He was inside of those books, for he wrote a decent amount of them. The forest green pony let out a sigh of sadness as he walked into the small house and levitated a bucket full of water to a stove to boil it. Once all the bacteria was killed, he would give himself a migraine in order to use a spell to chill the water, and make it capable of drinking. A small smile on his face, he took a long swig of the bucket before he set it down on the stove, which he turned off.

Inside of his living room was a couch and a chair, both of them scrubbed as hard as he possibly could to get the stains out. It smelled like everything else in the house, a sewer. Those who knew of his services would guess that the chair was used for Rationale to sit in, while the couch was provided for his therapy guests. He wished that he had more in his house, but it was slowly brushed away with the fact that he got a new book on its way. He couldn't wait for that.

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