My heckling of Zub.

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My heckling of Zub. Empty My heckling of Zub.

Post by Tisis Antony on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:57 am

I have endeavored to from herein out record ALL of the things I heckle Zubs for. In part, this is due to the sheer humor value of me heckling the admin every waking hour of his being online. But maybe it will also make us better people. Somehow. Maybe we will realize how petty we are towards Zubs and the admins, and become better people- that's it. I knew there was a moral here somewhere.

[08:46:48] Zweihander : HERESY?!?!

[08:47:01] Tisis Antony : Does a common griffin have any perception of magic??

[08:47:09] Zweihander : They did take over Pegasai a loooooong time ago bro

[08:47:15] Tisis Antony : Or is it just something strange, and alien to them?

[08:47:27] Zweihander : So they have been neighbors for quite a while

[08:47:50] Tisis Antony : AGH

[08:48:10] Tisis Antony : By the time Zubs can give me the canon I will be forgetting all of my arguments.

[08:48:26] Tisis Antony : I feel sorry for Zubs,.

[08:48:42] Tisis Antony : Whenever he comes on I have something stupid to heckle him for.

[08:48:48] Tisis Antony : "Can I be a lich?"

[08:48:57] Tisis Antony : "Can I assassinate Feliks?"

[08:49:05] Tisis Antony : "Is black magic canon?"

[08:49:21] Tisis Antony : "Can I kidnap players parents?"

[08:49:42] Tisis Antony : "Are their Hydras?"

[08:49:49] Tisis Antony : "Is Tarturus canon?"

[08:49:56] Tisis Antony : "Can I have a monster?"

[08:50:15] Tisis Antony : "Are souls canon?"

[08:50:22] Tisis Antony : "Can a soul be split?"

[08:50:42] Tisis Antony : "Can I poison the water supply?"

[08:51:01] Tisis Antony : "What kind of magical artifacts can I have?"

[08:51:18] Tisis Antony : "What happened to the magic library?"

[08:51:36] Tisis Antony : "Are the magic scrolls in Griffin possession?"

[08:51:51] Tisis Antony : "Can I be greek?"

[08:51:59] Tisis Antony : "Can I have a cult?"

[08:52:13] Tisis Antony : "Can the cult be a part of the OGI?"

[08:52:19] Tisis Antony : "Can I have the OGI?"

[08:52:27] Tisis Antony : "Can the OGI be canon?"

[08:53:16] Tisis Antony : "What is the state of the Griffin Kingdoms?"

[08:53:24] Tisis Antony : "Are they Nordic?"

[08:53:34] Tisis Antony : "Are they Prussian?"

[08:53:46] Tisis Antony : etc.


[20:06:41] Tisis Antony : What do the rebels have planned >_>

[20:06:41] Tracker Jack : I is in you chat...stealin you colors

[20:06:47] Tisis Antony : I WANT TO KNOW >_>

[20:06:57] Zweihander : Prudentate need to know SIR
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My heckling of Zub. Empty Re: My heckling of Zub.

Post by Tisis Antony on Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:38 pm

Due to chat discussions, it became clear that the contents of this email upset people. I may have exagerated details, and extrapolated others. So, for fairness's sake, here is the contents of my email and his in their entirety.

My Email:






Quick question- more like complex rambling series of words.

So sleepy............

Okay, first question- its not really a question, but more like a declarative statement: I'm sorry Zubs. Im so sorry for being up your ass with my retarded questions.

First Question: Is your griffin Kingdom located on a separate continent, or the same on as Equestria? And if it is located on the same location, do you mind telling me which cardinal direction?

Second Question- is it okay if I edit the grammar and spacing for the info pages? So that they look pro? I can submit them to you if you want.

Third Question- T/D?

Fourth Question- If I AM allowed to edit the info pages, can I make small semantic changes to better alleviate some... shouting wars over the ethnographic makeup of the griffins? I don't want to change canon, but there are some textual vagueties that could be made more clear if we were to change some wording very slightly.

Fifth Question: Just how Russian ARE the griffins? Architectural? Linguistic? Agricultural (impossible, being that they can't really farm)? Artistic? Religious? Socially? Are the families patriarchial? Matriarchial? Do griffin women hold places of authority? Do griffins lay eggs? Do griffins have litters, or singular children? Are Griffins landlocked? Do griffins live in a large region, or is it much smaller than Equestira?

That about covers the needs of my questioning. Thanks!


His Reply:

1) it is on the same continent. And it is to the north of Equestria.

2) please don't touch any info pages. :/

3) not right now. *is uber boring*

4) I'll consider it, you can PM me some suggestions if you like too.

5) Russian as Russian can be. :/ These kind of questions have sort of caught me off guard.. Most sites I go on I could just say "they're based off Russians" and everyone just plays. They don't ask questions. :/ So just ask yourself every time you have a question: would the Russians do it? I would say they are patriarchal.. depending on the household. Griffon females can hold positions of authority. Yes, Griffons lay multiple eggs at once. They're as land locked as a civilization of creatures with wings can be. And the GK was about the size of Equestria until they invaded, now they're both together so its one big country the size of them both together.
Tisis Antony
Tisis Antony

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