Sentinel [Earthpony] (WIP)

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Sentinel [Earthpony] (WIP)

Post by Sentinel on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:30 am

Species:Earth Pony
Age:Adult (???)
Occupation:Ex-Soldier of the Equestrian Army, now works for resistance
Special Talent:Protecting ponies (and other people)
Minor Talents: Running, Staying Alert

Height: 4' 2"
Coat Color:Deep Blue
Mane/Tail Color:Blonde
Eye color:Turquoise
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Shield with two crossed swords behind


Personality: Worrisome, Loyal, Courageous, Foolish

History: As a young colt, Sentinel's parents were burned to death in a fire. His dreams have since been haunted by their charred corpses asking them why he didn't save them, even though it was his special talent to protect ponies. "You got the neighbors out of their houses, why couldn't you save us?" He spent his life since that day working to become a soldier, to save as many ponies as he could. The only problem was...he wasn't very good at it. He wasn't great at fighting, barely holding his own in most one-on-ones, and he wasn't particularly strong either. That isn't saying he was weak, years in the army builds muscle, but most of the other ponies in his unit were stronger. When the griffons finally defeated the ponies and took over, Sentinel had only his loyalty and his will to protect other ponies left. He signed up for the rebellion and has been with them since.

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Re: Sentinel [Earthpony] (WIP)

Post by Steel Strike on Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:56 pm

If you still want to join, just a few things need to be added. Mostly a few more paragraphs to your personality, and maybe splitting up and adding more to the backstory. Also, we go by human aging for the ponies, if that helps you out, on the age thing.
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