Harmor [Unicorn]

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Harmor [Unicorn]

Post by Harmor on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:44 pm

==Basic Information==

Name: Harmor
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Adventurer/Musician
Virtue/Vice: Harmony

Special talent: Projection of sound through magic, and applying this in different ways, from persuading others, to possibly injuring their sense of balence or orientation.

Minor talents: Harmor is adept in illusionary magic, he also is quite the persuasive pony.

==Physical Description==


Coat Colour: Golden Yellow
Height: 5' 6"
Mane and Tail Colour: Gold-Brown
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Cutie Mark: Bass Clef=


Somewhat of a gentlecolt, Harmor is one of the nicest ponies you will meet. Harmor's vow to himself to be nothing like his parents leaves him with an extremely timid, soft personality. He will stay away from other he doesn't know, and tends to slowly enter a relationship.

To a fault, Harmor tries to make everypony get along, making sure no chaos goes on between others, he will do this to the point of making himself miserable, but he won't show it. When trying to get what he wants, Harmor might whine or try to persuade others, often succeeding.


Harmor has alway been and gentle, kind pony. From the day of his birth his parents treated him horribly, supposedly training him for the "Horrorrs of the real world". During his raising up, he learned to believe that the world was not as bad as his parents taught him, and that chaos isn't the only thing in life. He vowed to himself to never become like his parents and treat everypony badly as they did.

From an early age, Harmor was a natural at basic magic, telekinetically lifting things at an early age. As he grew in talent, he taught himself how to project sounds, specifically music. He would mix and match different sounds he heard into original compositions. His parents resented him when he got his cutie mark at age 17(the latest of anyone he had ever heard of) and threw him out of their house. Harmor continued to grow his talents at magic, learning how to bend the wills of others with subtle, soothing music. He even managed to distort the air around objects drastically enough with sound vibrations to make them near invisible.

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