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Freyia [Pegasus]

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Name: Freya
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Occupation: Warrior
Virtue/Vice: Love of beauty through battle and death. Freya is a beautiful pegasus that loves everything beautiful. However what she finds most beautiful is strength, valor, and honor and feels that fighting is the only true way to express it.
Special Talent: Close Combat-similar to dueling
Minor Talents: Intuition, Minor Weather Affinity, Superior Flight Agility (not the fastest, but the most agile)

Height: 4'8"
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Gold and Yellow
Eye color: Gold
Cutie/Glyph Mark: The Valknut


Personality: Freyia was born in the griffon kingdoms and lived her there until the war started. As such, she is a strong individual who can take a hit a deal one back. She is proficient with a modified griffon spear, a massive six foot long rod tipped with a 6” blade that fixes to a point. She wears armor that allows her to fix the spear to herself for a charge attack, and wears special bracelets that allow her to hold and twirl the massive weapon with her legs. She stands taller than most ponies, and has above average strength for a pony.

Her personality appears cold at first glance. She has not had much sentient contact in her life, and as such can appear cold and jaded. But she has a heart of gold underneath, and will help any who needs it, even an enemy. However, meet her on the battle field and witness a completely different pony. Most call her psychotic, but she does not fight for the brutality of it. She believes that through combat, a person becomes whole, and that is what she finds most beautiful of all. She despises those who desert or abandon a fight, and will crush those who do without hesitation. She fights fair, relying on superior tactics and skill to win her the day. She has no fear of death, hoping that she dies in a good fight.

She always has a clam mind, and thinks things out thoroughly. She is an amazing tactician, though the griffons will never let her plan a fight. Her instincts are also keen, having to survive in a harsh environment all her life. She does tend to have a vice for gold. She loves the metal and will go to great lengths to obtain it, however never sacrificing her honor or valor for it. She is also a bit nieve when it comes to others. Being alone, she tends not to know what the different customs of other creatures are, and often mistakes good actions for bad and impolite actions for politeness.

History: The old Griffon Kingdom was no place for a pony. The harsh landscape and even harsher inhabitants were unforgiving to any creature. Despite this, Equestria sent two ambassadors to live in the kingdom. The griffons were not too keen on this, and forced them to test their skills, and luck, in the harsh tundra. These two ponies were not weak, and managed to create a home for themselves. It was in this small cabin that the pegasus known as Freyia was born. In the harsh landscape she lived, learned, and grew. Her parents’ job was to ensure continued peace between the two kingdoms, a tireless job. As such, Freyia was left on her own much of the time as a child. Not having another pony in the world, she looked to the griffons for how to act. She witnessed the ferocity, the brutality, the strength of these creatures. She began to train herself to be just as strong: sleeping in blizzards, hunting her own food, fighting for her right to exists. But she had something they didn’t. Her father had a number of texts, poems, and stories. She learned of honor, respect, and peace of mind. She meditate on these every day, often while she trained.

For decades the griffons never even paid mind to the ponies that lived in their land. The most any would give notice is the occasional joke and laugh. One day, two griffon adolescents came across Freyia training in the woods. She had a stick she was wielding with precision, spinning it in between the dense trees. The two approached her, laughing and insulting. Freyia did not react, keeping to her routine. One of the griffons reached out and grabbed the stick, stopping it immediately. Freyia opened her eyes and looked at the massive form standing in front of her. The griffon said something, but she did not hear, she did not care. With a swift flap of her wings her fore head met the top of the griffons beak. The griffon staggered back, his nasal holes bleeding. Freyia landed in the same spot and spun the stick, pointing it at the two griffons. There was no expression on her face as she stared at the two creatures. A loud roar could be heard miles away as the two griffons dove the pony. She closed her eyes; a rush of ecstasy like never before filled her veins as she easily avoided the blunt attacks. With two swift strikes, the stick slid easily between the feathers and flesh of her assailants. The strikes were perfect, well for one anyway. The griffons landed on the other side of her, one grabbing his wound with a claw, blood squirting out onto the white snow. He turned to face the pony who had just insulted him. As he did he noticed the other griffon on the ground, motionless. The strike was placed directly where his heart was. Freyia turned to face the still standing griffon, opening her eyes to meet his, the stick in the same position, dripping with blood. The griffon said something then flew off.

Freyia did not care, to leave is weakness, and the weak will not survive long. However, this was the first time she had ever fought a griffon. She walked over to the corpse. She starred at it, unable to look away. The power, the adrenaline, the beauty, what she just did was beautiful, a perfect strike, immediately life was over. She spent the rest of the day digging a grave for the griffon. Gently she wrapped him in her cloak and lowered him in the hole. She placed a reef of snow flowers on him and proceeded to fill the hole.

As dusk came, two griffon soldiers reached the place where the fight happened. There they found Freyia, kneeling before a grave marker her eyes shut. The griffons demanded she come with them, to pay for her crime. She stood up and faced them.

After a few short minutes, Freyia was subdued but not killed. She had broken one of their wings and dislocated a couple legs. They got their hits in, but Freyia did not mind, that is what a fight is about. They took her to the dungeon. They wanted her to suffer. She did not care. All she did was replay each motion, as if each attack was a painting. She had respect for the griffons who fought her, and the utmost respect for the griffon whom she slayed.

The griffons were outraged at the murder of one of their own. Her parents did their best to control the situation, but it quickly got out of hand. The griffon she maimed was the child of a griffon NCO. In a fit of rage, he devoured Freyia’s parents. Freyia, unaware of the events outside of her cell, meditated. The general demanded the pony be brought before him. As she entered the great hall, she saw the remains of her parents. This was too much. Filled with righteous furry, she broke her bonds and made a dash for the general. Each guard that got in her way was either tossed aside like a worthless pony or avoided. Upon reaching the general, the two fought. Each guard that stepped in was either taken out by the pony or the griffon. They finally all stood around and watched as this “little” pony held her ground against one of their NCO. After several minutes the two backed off, both cut and bruised from the fighting, but Freyia particularly so. No one understood how she could remain standing.

The griffon sheathed his weapon. In a declaration, he halted the fight. But she wanted retribution. After a small discussion, she had calmed down. He had said that her parents were weak, the ponies that made them live here were weak, and that weakness must be crushed. This made her hate him even more. However, if she were executed here, there would be no honor in it. Instead he gave her the choice to serve in the military, or die immediately. She opted for the first choice. She spent the next two years training before the war started. When it did she had no conscious either way. All she hoped was that someone in Equstria had the strength to give her an honorable death. Though some had their doubts about her, none dared voice them, lest they invite her to prove again that she deserves to live.

“There are many forms of strength, strength of mind, strength of will, strength of body. Only in battle do these come together and reveal the true individual. And that is beautiful.”

Freyia's Timeline and cannon appearances:

Oct 29, Afternoon: Settling in: Right before the town meeting.
Oct 29, Evening: Mandatory Meeting
Oct 29, Sundown: Followed by a Shadow: Shortly after the town meeting.
Nov 1, Afternoon: Xarith's General Goods
Nov 1, Sundown: Black and White Hearts: Right after the General Store
Nov 3, Day: Of Valkyries and Zebra-kin
Nov 4, Night: One Last Drink
Nov 5, Afternoon: Sinful Consequences: Right after the execution.
Nov 5, Night: While the Iron is Hot: Takes place a couple hours after Sinful, the night of the Execution

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