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Post by Tisis Antony on Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:46 pm


Name:Tisis Antony, First Prudentate of the Office of Griffin Intelligence




Occupation: First Prudantate of the Office of Griffin Intelligence, whose job essentially implies gathering intelligence on Pony Resistance efforts, using means both legal and illegal, including but not limited too torture, coercion, bribery, threats, public execution, interception, secret agents, informants and means magical. Is granted leniency to decide matters when judgement by a higher authority would be too indecisive in a moment of national security.

Virtue: Prudence- he is a very patient Griffin. His job title: Prudantate- implies this, but it is much more. Knowledge of when to act and how require the proper knowledge that can only be acquired through much fiscal expenditure and griffin-hours. He mustn't spook a lead and risk losing access to his eyes and ears within the resistance.

Special Talent: Griffins don't usually have implicit talents like ponies do, but hard discipline and military rigor make this particular griffin a master of tact and subtlety. If his higher-ups were aware of how many machinations he has in construction, he could be perceived as a threat.

Minor Talents: Possesses basic military training, and is suitably proficient in the standard military arms of his countrymen. Additionally, his original post in the OGI was related to his prior experience as a code-breaker. Thus, he has the relatively innocuous knowledge of many foreign languages and both basic and advanced code breaking methodologies.


Height: 6'

Plumage Color: Black, with some white accents on his tail and wings.

Mane/Tail Color: Black

Eye color: Green


Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge] Dm3XF


Personality: Tisis can be described in five words: "Really, really, really, really dangerous." If he can't find you, or the information you have, he can find your loved ones, or your associates, or your neighbors. And sure, maybe you don't talk under torture. Maybe you even manage to elude capture. But Tisis does not fret. Tisis is a clever spider, and you are in his web. You pull against his threads, and draw the silky embrace closer.

Tisis is a patient griffin. He doesn't need to get you. You are nothing. Not in the greater goal of total and complete subjugation of the Pony races. Nothing else matters. What's a single resistance fighter in the greater scheme of things? Hardly much, but all it takes is one- one leak, one tattler, one snitch. And then you vanish. Your ash is tossed into the storm drains.

History: Tisis served several tours of duty after graduating Academy, where he developed an excellent reputation for professionalism and nerve under the line of fire. Due to his mastery of languages he was picked up by the OGI and tasked with decoding intercepted pony messages. Due to his reliability and skill at this task he was promoted readily. He quickly rose in rank, achieving the post of Prudantate of the OGI: Las Pegasus.

While in Las Pegasus he learned and refined the methods he would be come to be known for in pursuit of the regional resistance head, who gone into hiding after a raid on their safe-house resulted in the identification and assassination of 13 of the 16 known Las Pegasus resistance officers. He spent eight months tracking her down, and cornered her in an old burn, that was promptly incinerated. Her remains were removed and identified, and he was rewarded with a re-stationing to Manehatten, the largest hotbed of Resistance in Equestria.

October 10, Year 4: Noon "The Calm Before the Storm"
October 29, Year 4: Noon "Mandatory City Meeting"
October 29, Year 4: Afternoon "OGI Meeting One"
October 29, Year 4: Evening "Caravans, Cargo, and Centurions, what could go wrong?"
October 30, Year 4: Noontime "Another Day at the Smith"
October 30, Year 4: Evening "OGI Meeting Two"
November 1, Year 4: Afternoon "A World with No Mercy- A Town with No Pity"
November 2, Year 4: Midnight "The Red Scroll"
November 3, Year 4: Varied Times "Of Valkyries and Zebra-kin"
November 4, Year 4: Nightime "One Last Drink"
November 4-5, Year 4 "Beginnings, Engings, and the Threads that Never Die"

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Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge] Empty Re: Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge]

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Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge] Empty Re: Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge]

Post by Steel Strike on Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:24 am

Absolutely the worse app in existence hands down. How this thing was even TEMPORARILY approved is beyond me.

I keed I keed. You're good to go Tisis.
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Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge] Empty Re: Tisis Antony [Griffon] [The OGI Puuurge]

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