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Maxi [Diamond Dog] [Complete] Empty Maxi [Diamond Dog] [Complete]

Post by Scrapper on Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:48 am

Name: Maxi
Species: Diamond Dog
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Occupation: Miner/Fisher/Taking Care of a Dragon
Likes: Digging, Fishing, Sleeping
Dislikes: Small spaces, sitting still
Astrology: :Sagi:
Special Talent: Digging
Minor Talents: Fishing, Sleeping, Good with Young ones, Patience(Kinda), swordplay.
Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'
Coat Color: Brown & Light Brown
Eye color: Yellow
Clothing: Dark Grey Vest, Improvised Cloth bandana & Sweatband, Collar.

Maxi [Diamond Dog] [Complete] Diamon10

Maxi is generally happy most of the time, but is often absent minded. She can be serious when it is needed, but staying focused is a whole different ballgame. She will treat strangers as friends unless they show that they really aren't friends. Maxi is easily entertained, it usually won't be too difficult to distract her or even keep her entertained while serious/boring business is underway, this can also lead her into bad situations, but she can usually understand when things might be too risky to try or continue doing.

Maxi was brought into the world much like the rest of her kin, and lived and early life the same as her kin as well. Because she was female it was un-natural for her to assist in scouting or any other male based jobs, so she settled for what she could do. On her free time however, she left the pack territory to explore regardless of how inappropriate it was. Even going as far as to wander the surface. It was during her time on the surface that she taught herself how to catch & cook fish.

Sensing his eldest daughters growing sense of adventure, Maxi's father decided to teach her how to defend herself because his attempts at trying to contain her always failed. This led her to have some skill in swordplay, that would help her in the future.
After that it was simply a timer, ticking down to the moment where she simply wanted to roam around and explore. She had gained the skills one would really need to make it on their own, so it came to no surprise to her family and pack members when she simply left to go her own way. It was not without goodbyes, and it was not without attempts from some pack members trying to convince her to stay. She eventually left the confines of her packs territory in peace, and with the thought that if she ever needed a place to return to, she could always go home.

Some time later, Maxi was trying to set-up camp for the night. Because it was raining and generally unfavourable travelling weather. She was stuck trying to start a fire but forgot to cover the flames to actually stop the rain from putting it out. Pouting, she took a gem out of her bag to look at. While she was admiring the gem, she seen something small moving in the distance. Had she actually started the fire it would have seen her first, so she decided to follow it because why not?
As she got closer, she eventually deduced it was a really really small dragon. It looked hungry. She took about 5 minutes to deduce that dragons ate gems. She had gems! How dangerous could a dragon be anyway. She showed herself and offered the baby dragon the gem she was holding. The dragon really looked hungry, so she took him back to her camp. To her relief, the dragon actually lit the fire for her. He told her his name, Cal... something. She eventually just started calling him Cally. Because dragon names are silly.

From then on, she had a friend to travel with and make use of the gems she always dug up.

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Maxi [Diamond Dog] [Complete] Empty Re: Maxi [Diamond Dog] [Complete]

Post by Hijinks on Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:46 am


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