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Calcite, dragon [complete] Empty Calcite, dragon [complete]

Post by Lance on Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:14 pm


Name: Calcite
Species: dragon, baby
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (in year four)
Occupation: following Maxi around
special talents: smarter than the average baby dragon. special wind breath (see: following paragraph thingy)
Other Talents: fire breath, as per standard dragon nessessity.

Calcite's "special" breath is being able to exhale strong gusts of wind. not strong enough to FUS ROH DAH a heavily armed griffon off his heat, but strong enough to launch a soccer ball per say in a certian direction. Also, can 'aim' and 'curve' where his wind goes, but only on predetermined paths decided when blowing. (can blow a gust of wind in a spiral and around the corner to ruffle a pony's mane, but can't make it chase after the pony if said pony moves out of the way, for example.


Height: 3.1'
scale color: dark cyan and Red
Eye color: darker cyan
Calcite, dragon [complete] Calcit11


"After spike saved the Crystal empire, all the ponies went a little haywire, I guess we all wanted our own little dragon. or, at least emerald... did..." those words had stayed with me even still. it's stupid... I was this close to finding out where my egg came from, but then Black Sapphire -my adoptive father, so to speak- had to mention his daughter and tear up. that was maybe three days before we were ambushed and he was killed. maybe a month after Emerald and his wife died.

I guess it didn't hit me as hard because even if they were the only family I had, I just didn't know them like that... I hardly could acknowledge them as that, all I was to them was a pet. Even Black, who started to warm up to me in the last month that I knew him, needed his wife and daughter to die before he had room in his heart for me. So no, I didn't really like them. but... still... none of them deserved to die... not the way they did...

Me? my name is Calcite, hatched and raised in the crystal empire, travelling with the Diamond Dog, Maxi, who saved my life the day I met her... I was starving, no gems for miles and no idea where to get them, and then she comes along, up and offers me a gem before I joined my foster family. she's not all that bright, but she has a good heart... and a good arm. I guess I moved from one family to the next, but at least this time I chose my family.


Calcite "hatched" and was raised by a crystal pony family in the crystal empire. being a baby dragon, he was more of a pet than a son, yet he could talk, and he could read. he spent most of his time reading books just to contradict his "owner's" opinion of his lesser intelligence, "but the knowledge didn't hurt."

when the griffons attacked, Calcite lost most of his family, uncertain of how to feel about that, and forced to flee with "Black Saphire," his owner, slowly turned adoptive father. in the time he spent alone with Black, they were finally starting to grow close, Black even called Calcite his son once, on a teary night. Cal wasn't sure how to react, but he was scared, and suddenly having a father... felt appealing.

Tragically, Black was murdered soon after by a griffon scouting party, and calcite had to flee alone. to this day, Cal cares about Black a lot more then he lets on in his pretending-to-be-open demeanor. shortly after, Cal met Maxi, who did indeed save his life when he was starving for a gem. in turn, he helped her get a fire going in the rain when she didn't think to cover the flames. they developed a symbiotic relationship, Cal providing the brain, Maxi providing the brawn, and from that developed a sibling-like relationship.

=Time Line=
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Calcite, dragon [complete] Empty Re: Calcite, dragon [complete]

Post by Hijinks on Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:47 am

You got an accepterino.

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